This is how Buggy from One Piece became a Yonko

Buggy went very far in One Piece.

Buggy is one of the most beloved characters in One Piece. Despite the fact that he is not distinguished by his fighting skills or his bravery, few characters in the series are luckier than him, who managed to get out of all the dangerous events. For this same reason, no one would have imagined – not even Buggy himself – that he would go so far in One Piece.

We recently saw that Buggy the clown managed to become a Yonko, being at the height of legends like Shanks, Blackbeard and Luffy himself. Between him and the Captain of the Straw Hats replacing the defeated Big Mom and Kaido, everything seems to indicate that things simply happened for him to reach that position, especially due to the doubts of Dracule Mihawk and Sir Crocodile. But the truth is that no other character would have been better to fill that gap and we will explain why.


How did Buggy get to be a Yonko?

Well, in the same way that all the victories that Buggy has had, he became a Yonko by twist of fate. After running into Sir Crocodile and Mihauk during his escape from the Armada and the World Government, he was forced to team up with two dangerous pirates in order to make it out alive. Apparently, he owed Sir Crocodile, the former warlord, a lot of money, and his appearance was solely to collect Buggy’s debts to finance his next operation, while the Marines approach him and the crew of the. Since Buggy doesn’t have any money, he offers his company and that of other powerful pirates as consolation. That’s where things favor the clown.

To be exact, Buggy’s crew, made up of former Impel Down prisoners, have him on a pedestal, almost like a god, to the point that they consider he could take on Whitebeard during the War of the Peaks. In this sense, the absolute return of his crew allowed her to found his company and achieve Warwold status before everything collapsed, but it ends up turning against him. His followers are so loyal to him that when they are asked to make brochures for the newly created Cross Guild, they heavily highlight Buggy in the role. This fact made the rest of the world consider Buggy as the leaderwhile leaving Mihawk and Crocodile in supporting roles.

Thanks to this misunderstanding, Buggy becomes a Yonko, although it almost ends with his death at the hands of the two powerful warlords. But, fortunately for him, he manages -as always- to avoid that terrible fate. In fact, since the World Government considers him the leader of the organization, Mihawk and Crocodile avoid the dangers that leading implies, but underneath they continue to lead. This means that Buggy is simply a front for the organization, while others execute the plans from the shadows.


Does Buggy deserve his Yonko position?

We all know that Buggy is not the strongest pirate, but as a human shield, No one could play this role as well as Buggy.. He had his training on the Pirate King’s ship and even managed to assemble one of the most imposing and dangerous crews, according to the World Government.

Of course, most people forget that Buggy might have been the second man to escape from Impel Down, if not for Luffy trying to free his brother, Portgas D. Ace. Thus, when Luffy arrived at the floor where Buggy was being held, the clown had already managed to escape from his bonds while he walked calmly through the prison. This fact showed that, behind his apparent cowardice, there was an elusive pirate.

Buggy even won over most of the Impel Down inmates who escaped by his own means, which gave his crew enough merit to be persecuted by the World Government. It is true that his crew idolizes him, so this proves that Buggy is a very charismatic character. Similarly, Mihawk stated during the War of the Peaks that Luffy’s abilities to recruit people and make allies was one of the most dangerous powers he could have, meaning that Buggy could be as dangerous as Luffyconsidering that he was able to manipulate the prisoners.

In short, maybe Buggy is just a clown in One Piece, more literally than figuratively, but he has shown great social and escape skills. In fact, it could be said that he has a very strategic mind and is too deceitful for those who underestimate him. And, hand in hand with his powerful crew, Buggy could become a real threat to any other pirate.