This is how One Piece fans reacted to the announcement of its end

It seems that no one thought we would see this moment…

One Piece fans reacted in a long-awaited way to a conversation between Eiichiro Oda and fellow mangaka Gosho Aoyama, where Oda reveals his plans to end the series. Apparently, he is planning to finish his maximum work in a couple of years (just over 3), which has not been very well received.

After One Piece publisher Shueisha’s official announcement that the manga will end after the current story arcOne of the main questions circulating among the Straw Hat Pirates fanbase has been when exactly the ending will come. Naturally, creator Eiichiro Oda’s recent comments about the end date have sparked a frantic response from fans on social media.

In addition to the inclusion of One Piece Chapter 1034, Shonen Jump #34 also includes an interesting conversation between One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and Gosho Aoyama, the creator of the iconic Detective Conan manga. While the two mangaka discuss a variety of topics, A topic close to the heart of the fanbase is Oda’s comments on when they foresee One Piece finally coming to an end..

In fact, considering that Wano’s current story arc has been going on since 2018, the news that One Piece will end at the end of the next story arc provides little to no clarity. According to fan analysis, this means the manga could go on indefinitely as long as the story arc continues. In fact, there is a clarification after these comments, which mentions that the author of this manga actually plans to finish the work in three years, but that it could take a little longer:

Perhaps sensing what fans have been thinking about the arbitrariness of the timeline for the series finale, in the conversation with Aoyama, Oda claims that the final saga of One Piece will arrive between three and five years from now. Oda goes on to argue that he cannot give a definite date because he has been used to giving a possible end date before only to get to that point and realize that there are still many more stories to tell. Naturally, Oda’s statement has prompted a barrage of responses from the fanbase. For one thing, for some fans, it provides proportionally the same amount of clarity, or lack thereof, as Shueisha’s official announcement.

The reactions of the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking public of One Piece turn out to be opposite

Fortunately, most of the Spanish-speaking fandom has shown signs of appreciation and affection for Eiichiro Oda’s work in One Piece:

While the reaction from the English-speaking public has been a bit more incredulous and sad, it seems that they are not expecting Eiichiro Oda to keep his word:

Be that as it may, it seems that One Piece is heading towards its great and long-awaited end, a saga that has lasted just over 20 years (and is approaching its 25th birthday), has become part of the lives of many people who They await their chapter week by week. The work may not end in 3 years, but in a little moreas specialists have thought, but everything will be the decision of its creator and his creative team.