This is how the combat and adventure systems of One Piece Odyssey work | we are xbox

For Bandai Namco, the next one may be the great year of the pirate manganime created by Eiichiro Oda: One Piece. There is no doubt that the promotional campaign for the next video game of the franchise, One Piece Odysseyhas all the meat on the grill until the time of its launch arrives, scheduled for January 13, 2023.

Like any good JRPG worth its salt, the title will have three fundamental parts: history, combat and adventure. Some trailers have already been offered before on how the story unfolds. historyso it’s time to show the combat and adventure systems of One Piece Odyssey, which is precisely what this last and extensive trailer focuses on:

One Piece Odyssey Combat And Adventure Details

Throughout the 11-minute duration of the footage, we can see that in order to facilitate the different active roles of each member of the Straw Hat Pirates, a combat system of turn-based commands (Person style). Basic tactics are created from the game of “rock paper scissors” where speed beats technique, technique beats power, and power beats speed.

There’s also a combat system in random zones that allows you to face combat with many options, such as swapping characters with each other and using unique abilities to choose the most appropriate tactic based on the number of enemies and their respective positions. On the other hand we find the dramatic scenes (small missions during combat) that will offer unexpected situations.

Refering to adventure from One Piece OdysseyBandai specifies that the movement system will allow players to freely switch between the various characters while exploring Waford Island. All of them have their own actions to progress in the story and they will be able to find dungeons with puzzles, among other activities designed to surprise and entertain the player.