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Ingenious gamer has spent a lot of time building from scratch a hyper realistic city in minecraft that looks stunning and amazing. The way Minecraft is made, players will always have something to do and see as long as they let their imaginations run wild, thus adding a great element of replayability to a game that appeals to a large audience. Therefore, players always successfully squeeze the capabilities of this universe offered by the famous sandbox.

The user known as AccentDesign posted the city of New Austinia on the Planet Minecraft website and on his own youtube channel. As many can imagine, building a city in Minecraft is not an easy task, and the digital artist shows it with his spectacular designs. AccentDesign shows a hyper-realistic city with beautiful cars, trees and skies, as well as buildings of different colors and heights, as well as real and recognized brands. In his video posted on the YouTube channel, AccentDesign takes you on a tour of the marina, part of the city that is completely elaborate.

This is how the hyperrealistic city in Minecraft made by fans looks like

The player used a very realistic resource pack to make the city as close to real life as possible. Texture packs change the very nature of Minecraft and, in this project, the player used the Amberstone Foliage texture pack to give the vegetation a realistic look. AccentDesign also uses the Ambient Blocks mod to create the sound of the city, which is the second most impressive aspect of the design.

AccentDesign’s project explores the design capabilities Mojang offers in its sandbox, creating an impressive city with scale, lighting, shadows, water reflections, and more. The abundance of features and possibilities makes each Minecraft world unique.addictive and fun, allowing you to do almost anything a player wants.