This is how the spectacular animation of the battle of episode 1041 of One Piece was made

geekzillos, surely if you saw the episode 1041 of one pieceThey were left wanting more! In this episode while buying time for Luffy’s hypothetical return, both Yamato and Franky will fight to the maximum of their strength against Kaido and Sasaki. Today we want to reveal how the team developed this One Piece episode 1041 battle animation.

one piece animation

The episode titled “Fights Between Monsters! Yamato and Franky”, presents us with several battles. Because we still want more and it’s not Sunday yet, the series’ official Twitter account invited fans to watch a 17-second clip of the making off from Sanji and Queen’s fight.

This is an original animation sequence that was in charge of KIECA, a popular 2D animator who also worked on other episodes of one piece like the 1030.

In a tweet, the animator of one piece He pointed out that in that video you can see a bit of GENGA, as the original images behind the animation are known.

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Although I still have a lot to learn and improve, it makes me very happy to see my outstanding work“, he said in a Tweet.

He had previously announced that he had a part in that episode. “Many thanks to Toei Animation for the opportunity to continue being a part of this series that I love so much! I hope you enjoy!“he commented.

Enjoy this sequence, which you can relive in episode 1041 (starting around 8:40). It is simply spectacular!

Wow! If you are interested in the world of animation, this really is a real gem.