This is Lucky Roo’s Devil Fruit!

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Going from one place to another, without being seen, in a flash and what’s more, when your name is Lucky Roo, it seems impossible. This is why we will try, today, to explain to you that Lucky could have a devil fruit and not the least! Good reading.

So what is the Mystery?

Mystery 1 : During Romance Dawn, we see one of Higuma’s men pointing a gun at Shanks head, then after Shanks warns him, Lucky Roo suddenly appears and shoots him. Now here comes the question: how can such a large man get there so quickly without being noticed?

Mystery 2 : despite having fought Kaido a few hours before, the Roux’s crew literally appears in Marineford.

Before answering the question of his powers, we will explain the source of inspiration for this character.
I noticed several things in order to find out: His name, his speed, and the fact that Oda is a fan of westerns. Of course, it’s Lucky Luke!

If you don’t recognize him, he is said to be the fastest shooter in the West, even faster than his shadow (literally faster than light):

So, here are the answers to the three reasons we listed above:

  1. The name: Lucky Roo vs. Lucky Luke, notice that in Japanese there is no L so they would pronounce it Rook, notice the similarity?
  2. Speed: Lucky Roo is shown as literally appearing in an instant, Lucky Luke is faster than his shadow.
  3. Oda: Lucky Luke is a very famous cowboy character, it makes sense that a western lover like Oda knows him and is inspired by him.

What would be the fruit of Lucky Roo?

lucky roo devil fruit

The Tere Tere no Mi (fruit of teleportation), teleportation is faster than the speed of light since it is literally a matter of disappearing and appearing elsewhere at the same instant.

We believe the fruit has some range, but you can teleport yourself, and anything you grab/touch, which would explain its sudden appearance near Higuma’s man, and this means he could have teleported Shanks’ entire ship quickly, thus reaching Marineford in an impossible time.