This is one of the best One Piece Sanji cosplays you’ll ever see

A few days ago, a Reddit user, named Myfacemycanvasposted an amazing cosplay de Sanji de One Piece. It quickly became popular with multiple users who pointed out the great work behind this cosplay.

From makeup to clothing, this cosplayer managed to capture the public’s attention by accurately impersonating Sanji Vinsmoke. The elegance of this character has distinguished him throughout the One Piece series, written by Eiichiro Oda, for this reason this characteristic black suit could not be missing in cosplay and although the only thing that varies in his peculiar way of dressing is the color of his shirts, but he has not lost the touch in this image, since the color he wears in his jacket blends perfectly.

In addition, another curiosity that we can notice is that Myfacemycanvas He took care of the details of Sanji’s eyebrows, since it is something very noticeable in his face and that, in fact, has earned him teasing among his crewmates or jokes about it. It is abnormally curved eyebrows, like a spiral in a counterclockwise direction.

In the last few seasons, his blonde hair totally covers Sanji’s left eye and he hasn’t shown it again in any scene. Curiously, in the manga he never got to show it. Therefore, it seems that Myfacemycanvas closely follows the evolution of this character in the anime and perhaps manga series. Tall and slim, he has long hair and a beard. details that are also present in the image.

The comments of congratulations and admiration did not wait, and very surely many of the users look forward to the next time this cosplayer decides to pay tribute to another of his favorite characters. And, to tell the truth, He is one of the best Sanji we have ever seen. Until now.

Sanji cosplay made by Myfacemycanvas


What do we know about Sanji Vinsmoke?

Throughout the One Piece series, this cook for the Straw Hat Pirates has won the hearts of fans with his great personality and his sense of belonging to the crew, becoming a loyal friend and a hero when he is needed most in the missions they have been assigned to throughout the anime.

Therefore, it is no doubt that many more cosplayers pay homage to Sanji, since he has been recognized as a very beloved character among the fandom. We can only wait when we can see another cosplay like this.

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