This is the height of the protagonists of One Piece, how tall are the anime characters?

Its Straw Hat Pirates They’re a “short” band in the world of one piece. In a world with characters that exceed two, three or even four meters higha band where the majority is under two meters is a band of short people.

The main characters of Oda’s story they have had two heights official during the manga and anime: A height pre time skip and another height post time skip. And it is that in those two years of training, several members of the crew of the future king of pirates have increased their height.

Heights of the Mugiwaras in One Piece

Monkey D Luffy

The crew captain the story of One Piece began by measuring 172cmas it increased to 174cm after the time jump.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro One Piece

The ex-pirate hunter began by measuring 178cm and currently measures 181 centimeters.


One Piece

The thieving cat measured 168cm at 18 years old, but currently measures 170cm.


Usopp One Piece

God Usopp measured 174cm in his first appearance in Villa Syrup. This height increased by 2 cm, now measuring 176cm.


Sanji One Piece

the mean cook 177cm before timeskip, measuring now 180cm.

Tony Tony Chopper

chopper One Piece

Unfortunately, Chopper’s we only know the height of his hybrid formwhich are 90cm and hasn’t changed at any point during the One Piece story.

Nico Robin

Robin One Piece

Nico Robin, did not increase in height during the time skip. This is normal being the only one of the crew who is already in adulthood. The archaeologist measures 188cm.


Frankie One Piece

The cyborg began by measuring 225 centimetersbut after his modifications in the time skip now measures 240cm.


Brooke One Piece

We don’t know why but despite being a bunch of bones Brook increased his height during the break. In his first appearance he measured 266cm and now has a height of 277 cm.


One Piece

Of the last nakama to join we only know that he measures 301cm at the moment, being the tallest of the crew.

Nefertari Vivi

I lived One Piece

The Alabasta princess is considered one more mugiwara by the One Piece fandom so here is the data: 169cm.

Are are all the heights of the protagonists of One Piece. For our world they are normal measurements, but seeing people like Kaido or the giants are nothing more than dwarfs.