This is the most disappointing devil fruit in One Piece.

Perhaps granting this power was not the most ideal.

Since the beginning of One Piece it has been seen that Devil Fruits have been one of the great mysteriesthus giving rise to the revelation of the identity of Dr. Vega Punk may lead to this finally resolved according to words that Eiichiro Oda, mangaka of the work, communicated in the past.

However, knowing that we have recently been able to see the revelation of the power of the Devil Fruits of Blackbeard and his crewthis has also given rise to one of these characters, Burgess, eat the Riki Riki no Mithis being one that has been listed as disappointing.

The power granted by Burgess’s devil fruit is to increase his strength.

One Piece anticipates one of the great mysteries of the devil fruit

One Piece anticipates one of the great mysteries of the devil fruit

In this way, it has been seen that the only power that this Devil Fruit grants is that of increase the strength of its user, this being something that really doesn’t make much sense if we take into account that anyone can achieve this with a little training. In fact, this is partly to blame for One Piece’s exaggerated scale of power, since many characters have superhuman strength.

In fact, Burges is said (and shown in the chapter) to be able to lift mountains, but this comes to nothing when you consider that Kaido was able to raise an island. For all that has been said, it remains to be seen if this devil fruit hides some other secret, although, being clear, with so many varieties it was normal for some to be disappointing.

In any case, we will have to see how these pirates act in combat, since everything indicates that Luffy and his crew will face Blackbeardthis being another of the Four Emperors of the Mara today, as well as a staunch enemy of Luffy with whom he has pending accounts to settle.

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