This Is The Most Realistic One Piece Zoro Cosplay You’ve Ever Seen

A Zoro cosplay enhances the original character with an amazing look.

Manga is gaining a lot of strength in European culture and more and more fans are enjoying these interesting Japanese stories that come from the other side of the world. One of the manga and anime that have grown the most in recent years has been one piecea source of inspiration that has served as inspiration to recount new fictional adventures.

A Zoro cosplay improves the original character with an incredible look

In relation to this, one piece introduced relatively soon Roronoa Zoro as one of the first Straw Hat Pirates that Luffy would find and one of the cornerstones of this manga orchestrated by Eiichiro Oda. As time has progressed, zoro It has become a fundamental part of this important franchise, generating a strong impact in the world of cosplay. Now, a real person has shown how real these characters can be with a costume that makes us reflect on how close fiction is to reality.

zoro one piece enma

Zoro has been able to wield Enma, “The King of the Underworld” after his training in Wano.

The popularity of one piece is more than justified and that is why Netflix has become the main head of a television series that will star Luffy and his friends. Set to be the first live action Western version of Luffy and his team, his own zoro will be played by the actor Mackenyu, who has already worked on other anime adaptations. The actor has already assumed the role of Enishi Yukishiro in live action movies Rurouni Kenshin. He also worked on adaptations of full metal alchemist which arrived in Japan earlier this summer.

In the original story, zoro he was not the one who defeated Kaido during the arc of War for Wanobut it made things very complicated for the Beast Pirate Captain who was capable of taking on the impressive form of a dragon. The end of one piece is still far away and it is not yet known how this story that began in 1997. Luffy and his friends still have time to face new threats and prepare for what lies ahead. You can see the cosplay of zoro below these lines:

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