This is the reason Shanks collects Devil Fruits!

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Shanks collects the Devil Fruits and stores them somewhere (the Roux Pirates headquarters?) to prevent people from eat them and use them for “evil” purposes, whatever the evil ends in his eyes.

The following are things we noticed in the story.

Shanks has no devil fruit

Shanks is the only Yonko who doesn’t have a Devil Fruit.. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? Maybe he’s so strong he doesn’t need it? We think so too, but the weird thing is that we don’t have any confirmed Devil Fruit users in his crew, a Yonko crew. We find it really unusual thatOda didn’t show us anything who alludes to it, because we know that he is very good at predictions. The closest thing we’ve seen is Lucky Roo’s “teleport” in Chapter 1, but that can be easily explained by Haki or Rokushiki.


shanks and baggy

Buggy is the only confirmed Devil Fruit user in Roger’s crew. We know he didn’t eat his Devil Fruit on purpose. He still resents Shanks today, which could mean he’s not satisfied with his devil fruit powers and that he might prefer not to have them. So far we haven’t seen any other Devil Fruit users in Roger’s crew, surely they knew something we don’t know yet.

Blackbeard vs. Shanks

shanks manga

Next we have Blackbeard, who essentially does the same thing as Shanks, but in a different way. His method is to steal the powers of the Devil Fruit and use them for himself and his crew. (Whitebeard, Absalom,…). Shanks should be aware of this fact and has always had a rivalry with Blackbeard which may have started years ago (Scar of Shanks). Also, during his discussion with Whitebeard, he pointed out that Blackbeard is truly dangerous, possibly because he was aware of what Yami Yami no Mi or Devil Fruits in general are capable of.

Gomu Gomu No Mi

Let’s talk about the Gomu Gomu No Mi. Why did Shanks steal it?

Do you remember what Roger said to Shanks before he goes to Laugh Tale ? He may have ordered Shanks to take the World Government’s Gomu Gomu No Mi and keep it.

shanks and roger

Roger didn’t want the fruit to fall into the wrong hands. It could be that Roger wants the fruit to be eaten by whoever inherits his (and Joy Boy’s) will. Maybe Luffy eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi was Roger’s plan all along. If Shanks had known from the start that Luffy had inherited Roger’s spirit, he might not have been surprised that Luffy ate him..

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