This Is Why Yamato Chose Wano Over The Straw Hats

One Piece really surprised fans when it was revealed that Yamato wouldn’t be the next main member of the Straw Hat crew, as many fans had requested, and in the series’ final chapter, Yamato reveals why they decided to stay in Wano in the first place! Ever since Yamato was introduced as Kaido’s son in the third act of the Wano arc, the fighter seemed poised to become the next important member of the crew, so eager was she to follow in Kozuki Oden’s footsteps and leave. at sea.

As the Land of Wano arc officially ended and as the series finale saga entered its cruising speed with Luffy and the others on their way to their next island, the series took a step back and revealed more. the moment when Yamato actually told Luffy and the others that they wouldn’t leave the island. Inspired by the danger posed by Admiral Ryokugyu’s attack after the fight against Kaido ended, Yamato decided to stay in Wano to help defend the island against more vicious attacks.

One Piece Chapter 1059 revealed that as much Luffy and the others wanted Yamato to join them on their journey., much as Yamato was adamant about staying behind. Explaining that Ryokugyu was finally pushed back by someone’s Haki, Yamato realized that even stronger fighters like Kaido would take advantage of this time to attack the land. It’s the reason Luffy declared Wano under his protection for his first big move as Emperor, and it’s ultimately the reason Yamato wants to be there for what comes next.

Yamato can’t turn his back on Wano, and knowing that Luffy couldn’t go on an adventure with Wano in the lead, Yamato helps defend the country from now on! Yamato still wants to be part of their crew (and he’s technically called by them), but for now, it looks like the show is preparing for something even bigger for the future of Yamato and the Straw Hats. .