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Have you ever wondered which One Piece character you would be based on your zodiac sign? Although these types of specific questions may seem strange, the truth is that explain part of the character of the main pirates of this world. Furthermore, as recent revelations from Eiichiro Oda have shown, his fandom is eager to know every detail of this series.

While Luffy tends to monopolize the action, especially in the final chapters of the Wano arc, his friends and allies have their own motivations and quirks. Introducing those characters as the zodiac signs that traditionally represent his most notable qualities is a great way to explore the huge cast and possibly even find a new favorite. Unfortunately, we had to remove a couple of characters that share the same sign to make this article eternal..

Aries is Kaido in One Piece

From the horns on his head to his continual desire to be “number one,” no character better exudes the characteristic traits of Aries that Kaido, the tyrant of beast pirates.

A born leader, Kaido often thinks only after he acts, but his confidence is such that he can usually overcome any errors in judgment. Like Aries, Kaido is known to have an explosive temper, like when he attacked the World Government agent who got in the way of his battle with Luffy over Wano Country. Most importantly though, he never backs down from a challenge and gets excited by any challenge.

Kaido has had one of the toughest fights against Luffy in One Piece.

Leo is Monkey D. Luffy

While it may not be as big as the others, it is clear that he is the leader of the show and nothing is done without his opinion among the mugiwara. In fact, as Leo, he is the one who leads his team to victory. Dedicated, loyal and constant friend, he does not think twice before helping his allies. While he is not without a characteristic ego and a bit of arrogance, which sometimes puts him in danger, his bravery and resilience never fail to help him.

Always seeking the spotlight, Leos are known for their lively, theatrical, and larger-than-life personalities. No One Piece character fits these characteristics more than Monkey D. Luffy.. Just like Leo, Luffy is always in the thick of the action.


Luffy is a Leo because of his great leadership ability and humor.

Gemini is Sanji Vinsmoke in One Piece

Just like any other Gemini, what you see is what you get with Sanji, who is always open to trying (and cooking) something new., is never afraid to play a prank on a crewmate for a laugh. In a constant search for more knowledge, once an idea arises in Sanji’s mind, he will consult, talk or write to anyone who can help him solve his curiosity.

Geminis are known to be the curious, playful, and socially oriented communicators of the Zodiac, and no one fits those traits better than Sanji Vinsmoke. In fact, as chef to the Straw Hat Pirate, is in the perfect position to interact with all members of the crew daily. Furthermore, he always manages to become the confidant of many of them.


Sanji is a perfect example of the communicative ability of his zodiac sign.

Cancer is Roronoa Zoro in One Piece

In fact, although Zoro is one of the more serious members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and does not take their antics and pranks lightly, he considers them family and is dedicated to their success. This was most dramatically portrayed when Zoro was willing to give up his own life. to save Luffy’s life as he demonstrated in his recent fight in Wano Country.

Tough and tough on the outside, but sensitive and loving on the inside, Roronoa Zoro is the archetype of Cancer in One Piece. In fact, having established a home workout and sleep routine, in typical Cancerian fashion, he rarely strays from his self-improvement method. Steadfast and loyal, like Cancer, once Zoro considers you his friend, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for you, since his first interaction with Luffy, he has become his most faithful follower.


Roronoa Zoro is a faithful follower of Monkey D. Luffy.

Taurus is Portgas D. Ace

Despite the pressure of being the son of Gol D. Roger, the last Great Pirate, Ace was able to stubbornly escape from his father’s shadow to become into one of the top pirates of the next generation. Strong, reliable and loyal to the extreme, almost everyone who meets him ends up befriending him.

If there’s one trait that Luffy’s sworn brother Ace had in spades, it’s indomitable willpower. In fact, Ace was never afraid to put his own life to achieve his goals. Just like Taurus, once he decided to become a pirate, it was only a matter of time before it happened.

one piece goal d. roger devil fruit

Portgas D. Ace in One Piece is one of the most memorable characters.

Capricorn is Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard)

While Blackbeard is portrayed as one of One Piece’s most devious characters, it’s not his criminality that makes him the Perfect Capricorn, but his relentless ambition and his unmatched ability to keep going against all odds.

These traits in Capricorn are all present in Blackbeard’s lifewhich saw him rise from humble beginnings as a cabin boy for the Whitebeard Pirates to be considered the son of Blackbeard himself, to ultimately become one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. way, in true Capricorn fashion, Blackbeard never wavered on his way up.

one piece blackbeard new villain

Blackbeard could be Luffy’s next enemy and his zodiac sign gives us clues about his character in the upcoming fights.

Aquarius is Shanks

His character as an Aquarius was shown during his rescue of Luffy from a Sea King, where his efforts to save a boy he didn’t really know resulted in the loss of his left hand. Contrary to the core, although he is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, he clearly has disdain for the way the others operate. It just goes by its own rules.

Rebellious, innovative, progressive and humanitarian people born under the sign of Aquarius will easily recognize these attributes in Shanks.. A moral highwayman who exhibits aspects of social responsibility, the “born radical”, Shanks can be seen as something of a “pirate reformer” who, contrary to tradition, strives for a kinder, gentler pirate class. His constant creativity is one of the most important traits of him.

shank one piece

Shanks represents his zodiac sign in One Piece.

Sagittarius is Yamato in One Piece

His request to join the Straw Hat Pirates crew is one of his most representative elements as a Sagittarius., always looking for freedom and his desire to know the world. Another telltale trait of Yamato’s Sagittarius is his “whole” attitude toward something once he decides it’s worth his efforts. This is best demonstrated by his slightly awkward adoption of his hero Kozuki Oden’s persona, contrary to his father’s wishes.

Yamato’s Sagittarius spirit drives his unlimited desire to explore and have the freedom to go where he wants., far from the shores of Wano Country. Possessing this desire since he was a child is what got him in trouble with his father Kaido and led him to turn against his father and side with Luffy, his new best friend.

Yamato, One Piece

Yamato, son of Kaido, has a strong desire to explore the world like any Sagittarius.

Virgo is Nico Robin

Nico’s ability to take in information, process it, and develop actionable intelligence makes her a Virgo.. He has consistently demonstrated his abilities in countless ways as he has used what he has learned to help the Straw Hat Pirates become a better and more effective force. In fact, like Virgo, Nico has a fundamental desire to help his loved ones and his meticulous yet no-nonsense approach has helped streamline his operations.

Diligent, observant and a lover of knowledge, Nico Robin is the embodiment of Virgo from One Piece.. In fact, Nico’s knowledge, and specifically her ability to read Poneglyphs, has made her one of the World Government’s most wanted.

Nico Robin

Your constant search for knowledge is your Virgo trait.

Scorpio is Nami

Nami as a Scorpio intuitively thinks several steps ahead of others, as they demonstrate supernatural navigational abilities. Perhaps most importantly, in true Scorpio fashion, once Nami befriended Luffy, she considered him a friend for life.

Just like any other Scorpio, Nami knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to get it.Even if it takes years or a lifetime. She is the perfect example of this was Nami’s tremendous effort to free her island from Arlong’s clutches, including Luffy’s trickery. Also, Nami never telegraphs her moves, waiting until the last moment to reveal her intentions, which often comes with a surprising “sting” for others.

In Nami's depressing story, there's something that didn't make any sense.

Nami is a perfect representative of the Scorpios in One Piece.

Libra is Boa Hancock in One Piece

There is also her desire, at least in the case of the people of Amazon Lily, to maintain a peaceful and harmonious balance with the World Government, as well as her uncanny ability to resolve conflicts simply by resorting to her charm, which few can resist. More decidedly, however, is your Libra desire for partnership and cooperation over conflict which makes her her full personification.

Even though Boa Hancock is portrayed as a self-centered debutante, the reality is that much of her outspoken personality is just a cover for her role as the leader of the Kuja Pirates. It is your real inner personality that reveals your true Libra self.. One of the most obvious aspects of this is Boa’s exquisite taste and preference for being surrounded by the finer things in life.

boa one piece

boa hancock is representative of her zodiac sign.

Pisces is Brook

In fact, Brook, in his previous life, was not only a member of a pirate crew made up of musicians, but since joining the Straw Hat Pirates, he has become their resident musician, poet, and creative director. Brooks’ habit of wearing pink sunglasses fits the bill perfectly. with the common Piscean approach of seeing the potential for the world to be peaceful and harmonious.

The “Skeleton King of Soul” Brook is the perfect Pisces. Like Pisces, he is an old soul whose experiences in life and death give him an empathy and sensitivity. almost otherworldly towards the feelings of others. Deeply creative and drawn to the waters of the ocean, Brook displays a Piscean love of the arts.

one piece

Brook from One Piece is a pisces.

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