This Kaido tattoo is so incredible that it will leave all One Piece fans with their mouths open

One Piece it has become one of the most beloved franchises. Throughout more than a thousand episodes, his story of the young Monkey D. Luffy, heard the story of Gol D. Roger and aspires to become pirate king. In the current arc, he faces Kaido, the leader of the Wano Country. This villain has earned the sympathy of his fans as this tattoo shows.

For this, it’s no surprise there are One Piece fans paying tributes to him, whether in fan arts, t-shirts, designs, statues, etc. This powerful villain and warrior has become an icon within the fan community.

Patientdragonfruit71 posted on Reddit, a unique Chopper amigurumi that will fascinate you, this time it is not a simple fan art, but an imposing tattoo that will surprise you. This One Piece fan, decided to wear Kaido in his beast mode. This powerful antagonist will fill this fan with energy.

Kaido half sleeve from OnePiece

If you are interested in following closely the story Monkey D. Luffy and company. We tell you that in Spain, The One Piece manga is distributed by Planeta de Agostini; in Latin America by the Panini publishing house, and in Argentina by the Ivrea publishing house. In addition, its anime version is available at Crunchyroll exclusively.

Who is Kaido from One Piece?

Kaidou of the Beasts (百 獣 の カ イ ド ウ) from One Piece, also known as the Most Powerful Creature (最強 の 生物), is the governor general of the Beast Pirates and one of the Four Emperors who rule the seas of the New World and one of the great heads of the Wano Country.

The first reference to him in One Piece came from Monkey D. Garp in Water 7 and was directly mentioned by Gecko Moria shortly after having the shadow of Monkey D. Luffy in his possession.. His position as one of the Four Emperors was revealed after the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Moria. He is the main antagonist of the Wano Country arc and one of the main ones within the Four Emperors saga.

In One Piece, Yamato and his father Kaido have a strained relationship, as Yamato idolizes Kaido’s enemy, Kozuki Oden. However, Yamato has emulated Oden for the past twenty years to the point of presenting himself as a man to Luffy, even Kaido refers to Yamato as his son.. In the past, she realized that he contained haoshoku haki, recognizing his potential, but as he insisted on calling himself Oden, he considered that it would be best if he died, but gave him a month in the cave to reconsider. When her son questioned what right he had to steal her freedom and that of the citizens of Wano, Kaido called her an “immature brat.” Today, both he and the Straw Hats have come together to liberate the country from their tyranny.

Who are the Straw Hat Pirates?

On the manga From One Piece, this is the crew that has become one of the emblems of the franchise (Including Nami among its triuplants, who is even a symbol of the power of women in the anime. So, if you did not know the history of these pirates, here we will tell you about it.

Los Piratas de Sombrero de Paja It is a gang of pirates originally from East Blue that has crew in different parts of the world. Its captain is Monkey D. Luffy, the main pirate and protagonist of One Piece.

They are known as the Straw Hat Pirates, for the iconic hat Monkey D. Luffy wears, this was a gift from Shanks, his adoptive older brother. During much of their adventure in One Piece, they crossed the sea aboard the Going Merry to the Water 7 arc. After the tragic events, Franky and Iceburg built them a new ship called the Thousand Sunny.

Despite the fact that its members may be separated for years, they know that they are like a family that does not need to be next to each other. Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates are made up of ten members whose rewards totaling a total of $ 3,161,000,100 bellys. They are one of the most wanted pirates by the naval army in all One Piece and in the current arc, we will see them fight against Kaido and his army.