This major discovery on the fruits of the devil which could upset the sequel to One Piece

Vegapunk makes some key new Devil Fruit revelations in the latest One Piece chapter.

[SPOILER] Warning, this article contains major spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1070! If you are not up to date, it is strongly advised not to continue reading in order to preserve your pleasure of discovery.

Lucci humiliated by Luffy in Gear 5

After a week of deserved break for Eiichirō Oda, whose health is not goodthe mangaka gives us the rest of the adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat crew in the new chapter 1070 of One Piece. In the continuity of chapter 1069the fight continues between Luffy, who sports his Gear5and Rob Lucci who is literally humiliated.

This confrontation is one-sided, so that Lucci won’t manage to hit his opponent once. If he dies, it would mean that Luffy could regain control of the Seraph, then held by Lucci. For his part, Sentomaru is not dead but has been defeated.

Major Devil Fruit Revelations

This is a revelation that could well change the rest of the story. The scientist with infinite knowledge Vegapunk unveils its major discoveries on the fruits of the devil. Highly coveted in the world of One Piece, the latter offer great power to those who possess them. However, they are also very dangerous, as they can cause severe damage to those who are unprepared to use their powers.

Thus Vegapunk indicates that the Zoans are the easiest Devil Fruits to breed because they are based on animals. Mythological models are more difficult to reproduce because of their particular conditions. As for the Paramecia, it is enough to have the “lineage factor” of the user, but we do not yet know precisely what it is. Finally, the Logia would be almost impossible to reproduce but Vegapunk does not want to say more.