This One Piece chapter 1037 leak that could shake up the history of the manga

A highly anticipated chapter

For several days, on the Internet, information has been circulating about chapter 1037 of One Piece. According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it is possible to say that this chapter will be one of the most important of the manga with terrifying new information. So if you are not up to date in the manga, go your way!

The fear of the world government

The end of this arc is becoming clearer. Indeed, all the forces of the crew of the hundred beasts fell, even the right arm, King who succumbed to Zoro. Only the two emperors Kaido and Bim Mom remain to be defeated for the Mugiwaras and his allies to emerge victorious in this war.

As the fight between Kaido and Luffy continues, the World Government appears to be aware of what is happening on Wano Kuni and is being alerted that a giant shadow is approaching the Flower Capital. Frightened, the 5 elders seem to have an idea of ​​who may be this creature, who would have woken up for the first time in many centuries.

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How Oda intends to bring down Kaido

Perhaps the key to losing the world’s most powerful creature is here. Our favorite straw hat pirate can’t beat Kaido. The latter is way too strong and Oda, the creator of One Piece, announced himself, Luffy will not beat him with fists. But the gorousei also evokes in this chapter a mysterious fruit of the devil, extremely powerful and hidden from the rest of the world. According to several theories, it could be that Momonosuke has this fruit.

Which would explain why he was able to communicate with Zunesha, who is indeed the creature currently moving towards Onigashima, behind World Government ships. What if Odenn Kozuki’s son was able to control the elephant over 5,000 meters tall? With his destructive power, will Zunesha, the largest creature in the One Piece universe, be able to overthrow the Emperor of the Seas? Response in the coming weeks. To not miss any of our news on manga and anime, subscribe now to our newsletter.