This One Piece cosplay is sweeping and you can’t imagine whose it could be

One Piece broadcast on Crunchyroll its long-awaited episode 1,000, in which we got to see some of the most powerful villains in action under the orders of Kaido. However, some of their favorite classic characters are still alive in the memory of their fans such as the Navy Admirals who were brought back to life in this epic cosplay.

Afroroca posted on Reddit an awesome cosplay at Anime NYC in the United States where Thatblackguy54, Christytheblack0 and Playboi_kay (by their names on Twitter) they posed as the three Admirals of the Navy, who with their great power ended the Golden Age of the Pirates.

They did not come to play, anime NYC. On the pic @thatblackguy54 @chrisytheblackO @Playboi_Kay on Twitter. from OnePiece

This cosplay caught the attention of both One Piece Reddit and fans who witnessed it at Anime NYC, because both the detail of their costumes and their characterization gave an aura of perfection to their work.

And, if you are wondering who these pair of characters are, here we tell you.

Who are the three admirals of the Navy?

In One Piece, the 3 admirals of the Golden Age of Pirates are Aokiji, Kizaru and Akainu, their rank crowns them with the title of «Greatest Military Power» (最高 戦 力) of the World Government, and they are the strongest fighters of their faction and of the Marine. The three admirals are respected and feared throughout the world.

The first three admirals have faces based on popular Japanese actors: Yusaku Matsuda (Aokiji), Kunie Tanaka (Kizaru) y Bunta Sugawara (Akainu) de los cuales Eiichiro Oda, autor de One Piece, es fan. Known nicknames are based on their characteristic colors and animals from the popular Japanese tale Momotaro.

De izquiera a derecha: Kunie Tanaka (Kizaru), Yusaku Matsuda (Aokiji), y Bunta Sugawara (Akainu)

The three golden age admirals of the One Piece Pirates possess lodge-type devil fruit powers.. Their pseudonyms are made up of an element and a color that characterizes them (Blue: Ice; Yellow: Light; Red: Magma). In the Spanish dubbing, the original three nicknames were literally translated as “Red Dog,” “Blue Pheasant,” and “Yellow Monkey.”

En One Piece, All three admirals who were active before the end of the Marineford War have a high level of haki use, shown when they used the busoshoku haki together to stop the powerful shock wave from Whitebeard’s devil fruit.. All three admirals were also able to survive haki-coated blows.

one piece cosplay almirantes
The three Admirals from One Piece

Nevertheless, what makes the three admirals quite formidable is because they each possess the power of a devil fruit of the lodge type, each representing a color. Admirals Aokiji and Kizaru were seen being skilled swordsmen when they formed a sword with their element and wielded it. It is unknown if Akainu also possesses this ability, though, he has only been seen using his molten magma fists in close combat. However, Akainu and Kizaru are also experts in hand-to-hand combat, if they combine their combat skills with their devil fruit powers, or if they only use brute force..

Introducing these villains wasn’t the only exciting thing One Piece has had. The message at the end of episode 1,000 reads: “The Straw Hats will tear mighty foes to shreds«, So each of the pirates under Luffy’s orders came from far away for this combat. In just a few seconds, we relive the most emotional moments of each character; from the fall of the Usopp Pirates, the liberation of Nico Robin, the rescue of Nami or the first meeting between Luffy and Zoro.

Where to see episode 1000 of One Piece in Spanish?

Finally, One Piece episode 1000 aired in Spain, Mexico and Latin America this weekend through Crunchyroll

In the closing frame, we see how Luffy seems to be about to unleash his great final power, surrounded and supported by members of his crew such as some Akazaya. So, we will probably soon see the fighting against the Queen, Jack and all the crew of Kaido and company.

One Piece 1000 anime where to see