This One Piece cosplay turned Franky into a cyborg woman

The “Cyborg” Franky of the Straw Hat gang has received a couple of new modifications thanks to the following cosplay made by geordiehollyxo (Instagram) turning the character of one piece into a robot woman.

The eighth member of the Straw Hat gang he’s half cyborg, but he still likes to wear Hawaiian shirts over his big metal body, and his cool, tough-guy look is complemented by a pair of sunglasses and a large gold chain hanging from his neck.

The British cosplayer gave us an incredible version of the character that includes the best parts of the character are both human and robot, including those big circular shoulder pads, metal nose, and those two big scars he got from modifying himself after the two year time skip.

Photo: geordiehollyxo

Although Franky shaved his head after that time jump, the cosplayer He wanted to revive that glorious quiff hairstyle that so characterized the Straw Hat carpenter. Later the story let us know that he can grow his hair in the most outlandish ways just by “holding his nose down for 3 seconds or more”

To give us an idea of ​​his previous appearance, Geordie also cosplayed this quirky woodpecker during his first appearance in Water 7.. To date, Franky has not changed much in his wardrobe, characterized mainly by Hawaiian shirts and, of course, daring underwear that he is not afraid to show to the public, as part of his “rude and flashy” nature.

Photo: geordiehollyxo (Instagram)

What did you think of this cosplay of Franky as a woman from one piece?


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