This One Piece fan art shows us the epic fight between Kaido and Luffy

As always, Reddit fills us with surprises when we see the fan arts performed by One Piece fans

A few days ago, on Reddit, another user, called u/kalu77, surprised us with a fantastic drawing about the epic fight between Luffy Y Kaido. “I Drew Luffy vs Kaido”, write us in the description of the image. As usual on this platform, fans give us a small sample of their incredible and dedicated fan arts and their favorite series.

But what is the iconic fight we are talking about?

In chapter 923, titled “The Emperor of the Sea Kaido vs. Luffy ”something epic happened for all of us who follow this series closely.

When the dragon form of Kaido hit the head of Luffy and ended up crashing to the ground, the subordinates suspected that this attack was planned by a samurai. So, when falling to the ground, Luffy gathered his crew together to make sure no one had been injured by the attack of the dragon’s breath from Kaido. While they decided who would stay to watch the fight or take part in the fight, among themselves Shutenmaru, Luffy realized that Speed, a subordinate of Kaido, she was seriously injured. Under the state it was left in Speed let him know that, when trying to fulfill his task of removing That’s right of the city, to save it, Kaido he saw them. And not only could he not protect her, but he hurt both of them.

Luffytoo upset and worried that he hadn’t been able to help them, he prepared to attack Kaido. Even if Law asked him to check his equipment as they could put themselves in danger, Luffy I was already focused on the task of avenging Speed and Tama; so he ignored the advice of Law and started yelling at Kaido. When he realized what Luffy he was doing, it unleashed a breath of fire against him, burning almost everything in its path. In view of this, Speed prompted Luffy to raise him to the level of his opponent. Once it was found suspended in midair, it immediately activated Gear Third and hit Kaido numerous times. Upon witnessing this curious scene, the surprise of the remaining Beast Pirates was great, given that Kaido he had taken a great beating. And when he couldn’t fight anymore, he fell from the sky, transforming back into his human form.

But this combat took an unexpected turn when Luffy rushed forward, activated Gear Fourth and continued his attack. But nevertheless, Kaido He managed to get up, despite the strong attack he had received. With an eye on Luffy, Kaido swung his Cannabis and hit him hard. After the onslaught, Luffy flew through the air and fell unconscious, proclaiming Kaido, by way of derision, that he had become the Pirate King. That is, the victory of Kaido It had consisted of beating him with a single blow, for which it was one of the most remembered moments among fans of One Piece.

Hence, it inspired many artists to relive the struggle between these two highly esteemed characters. What do you think of the work he did u / kalu777? Do you like how he has represented this epic moment?

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