This One Piece Franky Cosplay Brings His Impossible Physique To Life


This Franky cosplay by a Reddit user is so impressive and over the top that it represents the essence of the character in One Piece.

one piece it’s a manga that it has all kinds of awesome characters, with characteristic features and interesting designs. In fact, we could say that the work of Eiichiro Oda It is one of the richest in terms of the variety of inhabitants of its world, since you will find all kinds of races.

Because of this, and the popularity of the work, cosplay artists enjoy representing their favorite characters. This is a practice that we have seen in other series, such as the legendary cosplay of Gaara, Hinata Hyuga and other characters from the Naruto franchise. However, on this occasion, an artist has recreated Franky’s appearance from One Piece, which is a great job. Next, we tell you all the details.

This Franky cosplay achieves the impossible: bring the character’s physique to reality

If you follow the story of One Piece, you must already know that Franky is one of the Straw Hat crew members. with an extravagant designWell, he’s a cyborg. Before the 2-year timeskip, he used to have an average body, although he was very tall. But now, the robotic parts of him stand out much more, making representing him in a cosplay format very difficult.

However, the cosplayer Zionox, shared in Reddit his version of franky, which he had uploaded to his Instagram account, accepting the challenge of representing this character, especially due to his body build. The result is so impressive and traced to the manga that it is worth knowing.

In Zionox’s work we can see that has managed to represent the exaggerated and disproportionate features of his bodyLike his gigantic, robotic arms. These not only allow you to strike your classic “Super”, but also hide many weapons that allow him to launch attacks such as “Franky Radical Beam“, for instance.

Zionox has also achieved replicate the character’s gigantic shoulders and his style. Without a doubt, it is an exceptional work that is worth recognizing. The artist presented this cosplay at the event of the MomoConwhich is the fan convention that takes place in the months of March or May, in Georgia.

Cosplayers are blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

Franky has been considered one of the characters with the most controversial design of the protagonists

Franky’s design is very controversial, since there are those who reject it, but also others who love this fusion between the robot and the pirate. But beyond this, it is impossible to deny that portraying this character in the real world is quite a feat due to his exaggerated features, such as his arms and shoulders.

But Zionox accepted the challenge and proved that it is possible to bring Franky into the real world. The result is impressive and adds to the list of great cosplay works that have been done over the years. Without a doubt, the effort that the artist put into it can be seen, since it is a work of art that very well represents the essence of one piece.

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