This One Piece Theory Believes Vegapunk Is A Replica Of Sanji’s Mother

As if all that Sanji has been through wasn’t enough.

The last weeks of One Piece are being quite intense, since the revelation about the identity of Dr. Vegapunk has opened the door for many mysteries to be solved at the same time as other unknowns are emergingthereby giving rise to many who hope that this scientist, the most important in the World Government, will clarify what is happening.

In fact, it seems that the involvement of this mysterious character could even have affected the identity of Father Bonney, as well as other great moments of the series. However, the latest revelation of the manga could lead to one of the Straw Hat crew members being linked to this scientist, as there are hints that Vegapunk 002 is a clone of Sanji’s mother.

Vegapunk 002 could be the warrior of the sea that the stories speak of


Sanji is a perfect example of the communicative ability of his zodiac sign.

In itself, the recent chapter of the One Piece manga seems to have revealed more details about Vegapunk 002being so that this doctor would have split his mind and body into multiple clones so that everyone can act for themselves. And it seems that part of this fact would be justified by the relationship between the scientist and Germa 66.

In this way, readers who know the history of Germa 66 well will know that Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge worked together in the scientific group known as MADS. investigating around genetic manipulation, thereby giving rise to the fact that, in view of the enormous resemblance that Vegapunk 002 has with Sanji’s mother, many think that this is a clone of sora. In fact, this could imply that this character and Vegapunk had some kind of romance, thus justifying this tribute.

It must be said that this is an unconfirmed theory, although together with this it must be said that in the world of One Piece Germa 66 is considered to be a fictitious group in which Sora is a sea warrior who fights in a Mecha, this being something Vegapunk 002 does, so maybe not be a mere coincidenceespecially knowing that Oda leaves no loose ends.

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