This One Piece theory explains what happens with Vegapunk’s brain and it makes perfect sense

Dr. Vegapunk has finally appeared in One Piece in chapter 1066, but what happened to his brain?

One Piece is a series very loved by its fans. In addition to following the adventures of the charismatic and adventurous Luffy, Eiichiro Oda -his creator of him- has been leaving loose ends and mysteries that give way to speculation about the plot by his audience. And clearly One Piece is a story full of secrets that have kept the community in suspense for more than a thousand chapters.

Although we recently learned that Luffy didn’t get his powers from the Devil fruit and the dream of his whole life It’s certainly still up in the air, it doesn’t mean that other characters don’t have their own hidden truths. One of them is Dr. Vegapunk, who was rumored a lot after the appearance of the alleged clones into which it had been divided and its true identity. Nevertheless, no one really knew who Dr. Vegapunk was, since the references to his genius and his inventions were no more than half affirmations. But now We already have more information about the scientist after the last events of the pirate series.

Who is really Dr. Vegapunk?

To dispel all doubts about this enigmatic character, finally His original body has been shown in One Piece chapter 1066, called “Ohara’s Will”. And, to the surprise of many, Dr. Vegapunk’s appearance was revealed during the current storyline and 22 years prior; but between both appearances there is a great discrepancy in terms of his age and his physical characteristics.

Previously, the scientist had a giant skull, supposedly to be able to house a large brain. And now, the top of his head has been cut off, which makes fans think that there is a peculiar story behind the disappearance of his brain.


Chapter 1066, pages 10-11, One Piece.

As we mentioned, in the past Vegapunk’s head was so large that it dwarfed even Monkey D. Dragon, whose proportions reached eight feet in height, while the rest of the scientist barely reached the fighter’s chest. So, the fact that his brain was so prominent, could mean that It’s about the smartest man in the One Piece universe.. However, upon withdrawing from his head, surely not just anywhere could properly store it. So where could he be?

The answers can be many, but the interesting thing is that the current Dr. Vegapunk seems to have removed any trace of this intelligence, or at least, the organ that gave him most of his gifts. You now have what resembles a half of an apple on a stick, where the top of your head is supposed to be. Also, he looks absent-minded and perhaps a little clumsier compared to the past version of him, which could give a clue to the fate of the brain.

It is here where we cannot forget that Vegapunk created six satellites, among whom he could have divided his brain. Something curious, taking into account the reference to real life in which Albert Einstein -after his death- had his brain removed from him, it was cut, analyzed and preserved. In this way, the scientist could have maintained its functionality in each of the pieces that he assigned to his simile, especially in the main body of Stella. And the fact that reinforces this idea is that each one of them has different thoughts and feelings.

On the other hand, there is also the theory about what Doctor Vegapunk might be keeping his entire brain in a jar, in the purest style of science fiction. And this would make sense because of the almost surreal events that have been happening in the last arc of One Piece. So if he connects his brain to a computer that can support his ability, it’s probably from there that he drives the satellites and Stella.

Could Vegapunk’s brain be connected to a computer?


Chapter 1066, pages 16-17, One Piece.

This question could be answered based on the shape of Stella’s head, whose structure is what could stay connected to a very complex brain system of Dr. Vegapunk. This peculiar shape could be a kind of antenna that receives signals from the scientist’s computer, no matter where it is. Furthermore, if the rest of the clones also have parts of the brain, that would mean that they are all interconnected.

Thus, it is not clear what happened to Vegapunk’s big brain, which raises many more unknowns than its appearance resolves. Perhaps the answer lies in the behavior of the satellites and the location of the top of the block. Either way, Vegapunk doesn’t seem to be the same as before, so there’s a bigger mystery left to solve.