This One Piece villain has broken each and every one of the rules of the series

Now it will be other outlaws.

One Piece is currently in the doors of its final archbeing so that after having confirmed the new and last member of the Straw Hats crew, it seems that Luffy and company are going to have to face some of the most powerful characters in the series in order to be worthy of the mysterious One Piece.

Now, regarding this final part of Eiichiro Oda’s manga and anime, it must be said that we have had a major surprise in recent weeks, since, after Kaido and Big Mom’s defeat, the new formation of the Emperors of the Sea could be seen, being so that Blackbeard, Shanks, Luffy and Buggy are the ones who now have this status. And regarding the clown pirate, it seems that, despite the fact that he initially crashed, he is beginning to justify himself for his actions.

Rewards for all those pirates who capture members of the Navy.

This One Piece villain has broken each and every one of the rules of the series

Buggy is one of the great characters of One Piece, as well as the first great villain of the series.

In recent numbers, specifically in 1056, it has been seen that Buggy has created the Cross Guildan organization that is giving a lot to talk about in One Piece, since this is intended to turn the tables because rewards are offered by members of the Navywhich these will have to be more attentive, since at any time they can be attacked by pirates who want to collect the agreed money.

It should be noted that this has caused a change in the world of One Piece, since although during the beginning of the series it has been the pirates who have been persecuted, now everything has been equalized, since anyone could capture a member of the Navy and get paid for it. It is just because of this Buggy’s incorporation as a member of the Four Emperors of the Sea is justifiedsince in the face of the World Government the clown pirate is a very real threat.

For the rest, it will be necessary to see what the performance of One Piece is in its final arc, since the unlocking of new abilities and powers by the Devil Fruits are taking the series to very high levels of power.