This One Piece x Dragon Ball Crossover You’ve Never Seen

Gathered in an astonishing cross-over, the heroes of One Piece and Dragon Ball Z have shared the poster for a short film! We find Luffy and Goku in a new adventure.

One Piece. Dragon Ball. These two world-famous cult works amaze with their exceptional longevity and continue to mark generations of readers. With the arrival of a live action series One Piece on Netflixthere is no reason to think that this popularity will dry up in the years to come.

Already available in many films, OAVs, spin-offs or even video games, all that was missing was an official anime collaboration between the two giants drawn by Akira Toriyama and Eiichirō Oda to come full circle. However, this partnership has already taken place!

The first official fight between Luffy and Goku

As part of the cinema release of “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods”, an official 48-minute short film was produced. This special episode, which was born in April 2013 and is referenced as the 590th episode of One Pieceaired on Japanese television shortly after the film’s release.

Entitled Dragon Ball ZX Toriko X One Pieceit brings together the three universes in an adventure full of humor and good-natured.

We let you judge the summary: “The International Gourmet Organization is launching a Biggest Meat Eater Tournament, with the first prize being a leg of divine meat, coveted by Gourmet hunter Toriko, the super-warrior San Goku and the elastic pirate Luffy.”

Knowing the gargantuan appetite of the three wags, there is no doubt that the competition was tough and tight! If you want enjoy this special episode through legal channels, no luck: the DNA platform, which offers the series in its entirety, does not have it in its catalog.

In the meantime, you can always discover Torikoa manga about food that will delight foodies.

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Finally, if you are a Dragon Ball fan, we can only recommend the official dictionary of the work. Biography of the characters, geography of the world, history of the different races of the universe, unpublished illustrations : you will know absolutely everything there is to know about Akira Toriyama’s cult manga.

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