This Seagate external hard drive is on sale and is ideal for keeping your files safe

Fast and reliable – that’s what this Seagate 5TB hard drive is. You just have to connect it to one of the USB ports of your computer and it will be ready to be used. No driver to install.

Although there is a world in terms of performance when we compare an SSD with a hard drive, the latter is still second to none if we take into account the capacity-price ratio. If you often store large files, important documents, pictures, and music, then worth buying one of these unitsespecially if you are looking for a lot of storage space for little money.

Seagate is one of the most important manufacturers when it comes to hard drives. It has a wide variety of models, both internal and external, one of them being the Seagate Basic Portable Drive 5TB. This hard drive is on sale and is 24% off on Amazon. According to Seagate, has been designed to work on Windows and macOSbut it also works on Chromebooks.

5TB Seagate Portable Drive

Get the 5TB Seagate Portable Drive at the best price on Amazon

Seagate Basic Portable Drive - Featured

This hard drive allows you to make a backup at any time

Although this hard drive can be connected to a USB 2.0 port, its thing is to connect it to a USB 3.0 port so that the transfer speed is faster. By the way, it’s a fairly compact and lightweight unit. It weighs 270 grams. So the 5TB Seagate Portable Drive is perfect for taking with you when you travel. In addition, it is very easy to use when making a backup. You just have to drag and drop the files.

Seagate Basic Portable Drive - External Hard Drive

The Seagate Basic Portable Drive requires no installation and there is no need to install any software

Although Seagate does not mention it on its website, this hard drive can also be used in an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S console. By having 5 TB capacity allows to install many games. Now, if you have an Xbox Series X | S you can’t run a game from an external hard drive, you have to move it to the SSD first.

5TB Seagate Portable Drive

You may buy the 5 TB Seagate Portable Drive for 129.99 euros on Amazon (before 169.99 euros). Are 40 euros less than the recommended retail price. If you are looking for a smaller capacity hard drive, you have the 2 TB Segate Expansion Portable at a groundbreaking price at PcComponents78 euros (28% discount).

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