This Unexpected Luffy Encounter In One Piece Chapter 1068 Will Give You Chills

The revelations about the Vegapunk scientist continue, but this meeting between Luffy and this iconic character should give many chills to manga fans.

[ALERTE SPOIL] Warning, this article contains major revelations about the history of One Piece. If you are not up to date with the manga, or do not want to spoil the pleasure of discovery, we recommend that you do not continue reading. Thanks !

A meeting that promises to be memorable for Luffy

After a short week of well-deserved break for Eiichiro Odathe adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates return with chapter 1068. As usual, the first information about the long-awaited Chapter 1068 of One Pieceare starting to reach us.

According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it seems that Eiichiro Oda continues to reduce the mysteries around the character of Vegapunk in this new chapter. But as we learn more about the real intentions of the scientist who looks like EinsteinLuffy is about to make a truly unexpected encounter.

Vegapunk’s Ultimate Dream Revealed In Chapter 1068

In this new part entitled “the dream of a genius”, we learn that Vegapunk wanted to make sure that all the inhabitants of the whole world can have free access to energy. This titanic project led him to discover a mysterious ancient source of energy, perhaps the one that would power the robot.

This new discovery clearly did not please the government, which sought to get rid of the scientist who was getting a little too close to the truth about the forgotten century. We also learn that Shaka is going to order the release of Snake, Hawk, and Shark, who are presumably Boa, Mihawk, and Jinbe. Shaka will also give Sentomaru the power of control.

Finally, Chapter 1068 ends with an encounter that will give One Piece fans a lot of chills. Luffy meets former CP9 member Rob Lucci’s group.. As a reminder, he is the main antagonist of the Arc Water Seve and he intends to take his revenge. A daunting fight is brewing, but Luffy now seems to outclass Lucci thanks to his gear 5.