TikTok: the One Piece manga is a hit on the social network!

TikTok continues to unleash passions! Last I heard, the One Piece manga is in vogue on the famous platform.

TikTok continues to be all the rage around the world ! Recently, Internet users launched a new challenge linked to the One Piece manga. You’ll see, it’s worth the detour. MCE TV shows you everything.

Do the show on TikTok

Each day, thousands of videos are looping on TikTok. Face camera, stars and anonymous make the show and make the buzz!

The key is to stand out. Between the culinary challenges, those focused on dance or the world of the 7th art to name a few, vYou are therefore always spoiled for choice.

The brands also brilliantly use the famous service. The marketing teams have also understood that TikTok allowed maximum visibility.

And that’s not all ! The platform also allows celebrities to come back in force. And mainly to promote their upcoming projects. Business is business!

Politicians brilliantly use the social network. Like Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélanchon and Marine Le Pen.

Their aim is to appeal above all to young citizens. This summer, the tenant at the Élysée Palace is very sensitive to the young public regarding the vaccination against Covid-19.

In this time of health crisis, all means are good to multiply prevention messages! And the videos of the President of the Republic had the merit of making an impression.

In the presidential race, all candidates want to stand out from the crowd. In the 2.0 era, TikTok is a great asset for campaigning. In the meantime, other topics seem to be of interest to Internet users.

One of them is also focused on a famous manga. The proof in pictures!

@shrekscaprisunbro the first clip feels so awkard ##discord ## valuing ##minecraft ## fyp

♬ Whoever uses this sound is gay – Obito🍆😮

One Piece unleashes passions

If you are fans of the One Piece manga, you are aware that the 1000ᵉ episode has finally pointed the tip of his nose. It was time !

Obviously, Luffy continues from conquer the crowds. Especially on TikTok.

As you can see, the music of fiction makes currently the buzz on the social network! With the audio theme of One Piece, Internet users therefore put their love situation in the spotlight.

So, they take a selfie by tagging this message: “Fall deeply in love with a boy / girl”. With a pretty cheerful pout, the turn is played!

Afterwards, cheerfulness leaves the faces. The situation is deteriorating and we can read about the chosen one of their hearts: “I met him on Discord”.

Some TiKTokeurs.euses also had fun.es at include their pets. The sequences are worth the detour!

In the United States, these videos have also gone viral! In France, they are just starting to emerge. Trends come and go on TikTok.

So, it is impossible to get bored. As the Christmas holidays approach, many have started to unveil their new recipes that will be all the rage at the end of the year.

During the Halloween period, countless beverages have also made a real splash. So, many of you were able to delight your taste buds with exceptional drinks!