To nail it with the live-action Boku no Hero, Netflix first has to get over this fan-made episode that Marvel signed Shang-Chi’s action coordinator for.

A few days ago it was learned that the audiovisual content platform Netflix had bought the rights to make a live-action film of ‘My Hero Academia’. This popular anime about superheroes would be the third live action adaptation of Netflixafter the ‘Death Note’ movie and the series about ‘cowboy bebop‘; the fourth if we count ‘one piece‘, which is in production.

This ambitious project has enough negative examples in the past to be wary of the result; at least before seeing it on our screens. Capturing all the animation in an anime as spectacular as this with real actors and CGI effects, as well as all the visual codes of the Japanese animation industry, is a really complicated task.

However, yes there is already a free adaptation of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ and it doesn’t have any big production company behind it. It is a chapter created by fans, which was uploaded to YouTube more than three years ago, and which currently has more than 5 million views. The “episode 0” of UA: LA, as it is called, stands out from the original story and is a spin off with new characters and powers.

Los Angeles has opened an academy for superheroes and the powers also permeate the population of said city. Although the story is not developed too much in its 15 minutes longyes we see a handful of surprisingly well shot fights. All of them are very clear to the viewer, and they also have enough nods to the aesthetics and language of anime to make you scream with emotion.

But nothing happens by causality. At the beginning of the footage, which even has an opening, we can see the names of the actors and those responsible for the chapter. The manager is called Christopher Clark Cowan and maybe it doesn’t ring a bell. But what will sound familiar to you are the movies and series in which he has worked: in ‘The Witcher’ as second unit assistant, ‘The King’s Man’ as “b” camera and already in ‘Shang-Chi’ as Action Designer.

A meteoric career in which he has not forgotten his origins by performing fan live actions. A few months ago he participated in a live action short about SIFUone of the indie sensations of this 2022.