To take out your fifth gear! One Piece will launch energy drink | EarthGamer

When the anime become excessively popular, society requires various products to consume, however, these are not limited to collectible figures and posters, but extend to more complex issues. on this occasion one piece it will open a themed gym and will even have a special energy drink.

Already we’ve previously seen the rage of anime adaptations to things, For example, we have public transport in some cities upholstered with anime images and also toothpaste from Attack On Titan.

Although, we had not seen something as impressive as a gym, but One Piece showed that nothing is impossible. Now fans will be able to train as if they were part of Luffy’s pirate crew.

As of the inauguration, attendees will be able to try the energy drink inspired by one piece —and in this way they would be able to develop their own gears, until reaching the fifth, just like the captain.

It should be noted that the gym will only be open in Japan, and there is no news that points, at least at this time, to more venues opening soon. And although Luffy does not exactly attend a gym, this will be useful to his faithful followers who will be able to feel closer to him while they acquire a more pirate-like condition.

One Piece will open a gym in Shibuya and will feature a special energy drink inspired by the anime.

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When will One Piece’s energy drink be released?

The gym will receive the name of ONE PIECE FITNESS BragMen and will open its doors on January 13, 2023date on which the energy drink that will be protein will also be launched.

The space will be inspired by volume 13 of the manga. It will have different exercise rooms, each one themed. Even the trainers will be dressed as sailors. The place could be located in Shibuya.

In addition, it will have a pirate school that will be focused on small primary school children. So the energy drink will not be the only surprise that the opening of the gym will bring.

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