TOC of the Weekly Shônen Jump # 49 2021 – Ramen For Two

TOC of the Weekly Shônen Jump # 49 2021

This Monday the number 49 this year’s magazine Weekly Shônen Jump. The weekly of Shueisha bring in cover page a One Piece to celebrate the climax of the “Wanokuni” arc. Additionally, this week’s chapter of the series features color pages.

This week’s news stars her The Hunters Guild: Red Hood. As we had already anticipated in previous weeks, the manga written and illustrated by Yuki Kawaguchi has been called off after occupying the lower positions of the classification for several weeks. The work will be finally compiled in 4 volumes.

And whenever a series ends, new ones arrive. In the coming weeks three new series will debut in the magazine, with which more cancellations are expected (we bet on NERU like the following). The most imminent premiere will be Ayashimon, the new of Yuuji Kaku, known for being the author of Jigokuraku. This one happens to publish on the website Shônen Jump+ to the paper magazine from number 50.

In regards to the popularity ranking, Jujutsu Kaisen He returns from his break last week at number one. They follow him Dr. Stone and Sakamoto Days in second and third position, respectively. In addition to the new series PPPPPP, from Mapollo 3, debuts in the ranking in sixth position.

On the other hand, this number of the Weekly Shônen Jump brings in its pages the work of the fifth and last participant of the new edition of the Golden Future Cup. Is about Yod Venus, a story written and illustrated by Ryousuke Nagoshi and that has an introduction in color.

Finally, regarding the advancement of the next issue of the Weekly Shônen Jump it is announced that Ayashimon, the new Yuuji Kaku, will occupy the cover page from the magazine. Also, your first chapter will have color pages. Secondly, One Piece will have break.

Here we leave you with the complete ranking:

One Piece (Cover. Main pages in color. Wanokuni arch climax)
1. Jujutsu Kaisen
2. Dr. Stone
Runaway hero (Color pages)
3. Sakamoto Days
4. Undead Unluck
Yod Venus (One-shot de Ryousuke Nagoshi. Quinto participante de la Golden Future Cup)
5. My Hero Academia
Kokousei Kazoku (Color pages)
6. PPPPPP (23 page chapter)
7. The Yozakura Family Mission
8. The blue box
9. Me and Roboco
10. God of Destruction Magu-Chan
13. Black Clover
14. NERU
15. The Hunters Guild: Red Hood (Final)
16. Ayakashi Triangle

* Series containing color pages do not enter the weekly ranking

Source: Shônen Jump and Manga More