Toei Animation: One Piece seems to be preparing the anime’s biggest episode

Many things have happened inside Toei Animation over the past few months, but now that they’ve hit the ground running and announced a number of great releases, and one piece you could also receive yours from the animation company. We say it, because everything seems to indicate that they are preparing for the biggest episode of the anime so far.

Based on the advertising Toei Animation has released for the next major episode of the series, as one piece It was one of many projects the company had to put on hiatus over the past few weeks following the huge hacking attack against the Japanese company, but the series is now finally up and running again.

With the most recent episode of the series bridging the gap between the events of the past with the next big climax of the war in Onigashimathe next episode of the series is gearing up for something even bigger and anime fans might have seen those who read the original manga series from Eiichiro Odapromote something they called Roof Pieceroof of SkullDomethe next episode of the anime teases that we will finally be able to see one of the most anticipated anime fights of the war of Onigashima so far, that is, episode 1015 from one piece.

The episode 1015 from one piece its titled “Straw Hat Luffy! The Man Who Will Become King of the Pirates!”for what it suggests will be one of the most monumental phases of the anime thus far, and this one in particular, will be the reason fans feel the sting of the gimmick at Toei Animationas we could have seen this a long time ago if it hadn’t been for that forced break, and about the preview, it looks like the wait for the episode Roof Piece will be worth.

As seen in the most recent episode of the series, it was confirmed that the akazayan nine they were totally defeated by Kaido and thus Big Mom also ended up reaching the ceiling, and at the same time, zoro Y Luffy they headed to the roof but we haven’t seen them face off yet but, without giving away too much about what to expect, this is one of the biggest fights of the arc as a whole and will probably be just as cool to watch in the anime.