Tom Holland is Denji and Zendaya is Power in the craziest live-action Chainsaw Man fan you’ll ever see

Chainsaw Man“It has hit the anime industry hard as expected, more internationally than nationally, yes, but even so, there are a good handful of us who have been with Denji and company every week. Such is the level of hype now same as obviously at some point they had to leave the madness of the ‘fan casts’ that occur every X time, and in this case there are names ranging from Tom Holland to Zendaya.

This Chainsaw Man live-action would undoubtedly be the fattest in all of anime history

As in these cases it is obviously more fun to see the image than what I tell you, there goes the crazy cast that some fans have invented of “Chainsaw Man” for what would be the most beastly live-action anime ever seen:

And just in case, I’m going to comment on a few things What I see necessary about the publication in question:

  • In case there is any kind of doubt, which should not be, but hey: THIS IS NOT REAL. 😆
  • Again, what you see is a image created based on a cast chosen by fans from Chainsaw Man, although I think more as a joke than anything else (I hope so). 🤣
  • The idea, then, is that the main characters in Chainsaw Man would be played by the next hollywood cast:
    • Tom Holland
    • zendaya
    • Mads Mikkelsen
    • ryan gosling
    • margot robbie
    • Kristen Stewart
  • Oh, as a final detail notice that the director would be Quentin Tarantino. Yes, more than one wants to make sure that there is no lack of blood in the anime. 👺

Will this live-action “Chainsaw Man” happen at some point? Before the Earth explodes, we see those actors and actresses playing the characters in Fujimoto-sensei’s play. However, what is not unreasonable is that they try to create an official live-action, because from Japan they have already premiered the theatrical performance, for example. In the article that I have shared with you, you can take a look at that.

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