Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece, Ranked

one piece is a full-length classic shonen anime. It’s full of endless crazy adventures, incredible fights, and fascinating heroes and villains alike. The franchise of one piece is a very popular manga and anime series. However, there are other anime that rival One Piece in terms of popularity.

Although One Piece is undeniably a classic, there are plenty of other anime that fans can enjoy even more than one piece. These series have more cohesive plots, more realistic characters and a clear objective when telling the story.

10 Yu-Gi-Oh! – Card games come to life

Yu Gi Oh! follows the adventures of Yugi Moto, who possesses a thousand-year-old puzzle that encloses his alter ego, a skilled master of Egyptian games. Yugi and his friends embark on numerous adventures related to the magical card game Duel Monsters, often placing the fate of the world on his shoulders. Maybe Yu Gi Oh! It’s drawn out at times, but fans enjoy seeing the trading card game come to life.

9 Attack On Titan – Everyone’s Favorite These Days1649493202 826 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

attack onTitan follows the mold of anime like Hunter x Hunter, in which many of the classic shonen anime elements are preserved while being deconstructed. attack the titans follows the story of Eren Yeager, who is caught up in the destruction caused by the titans.

Attack on Titan starts off in a traditional way and seemingly follows a pretty predictable path for other shonen anime. However, Attack on Titan takes so many different twists that it really becomes its own genre.

8 The Prince of Tennis – An Amazing Sports Anime1649493202 765 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

The Prince of Tennis is an important anime because it started the fashion for sports-themed anime. It uses many of the tropes found in shonen anime when it comes to wielding power and employing interesting moves, but places it in the context of sports. In The Prince of Tennis, tennis students hone their skills and employ their strategy just as they wouldninjas in naruto.

7 Shaman King – A Forgotten Classic1649493202 290 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

shaman-king follows Yoh Akusara and his ability to summon super-powered beings known as shamans. The fights that ensue are incredible, impressive, and downright hilarious.

Many fans enjoy the way shaman-king incorporates mythology and culture into anime, specifically with the experience of shamans. It feels like the viewers learn something new and interesting in every fight.

6 Bleach – Amazing Fights With An Equally Awesome Story1649493202 757 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

Although bleach has a lot of filler, it is still one of the most popular shonen series. It is true that many of its themes and ideas are not new to the genre: teenagers with supernatural powers, etc.

However, what makes special bleach it’s the way it’s created. It features highly stylized fight scenes that are exciting to watch and has an amazing story. bleach it is an emotional roller coaster throughout the journey.

5 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – A Shonen Everyone Agrees Is Awesome1649493203 745 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

Many anime fans claim that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood It is the best anime of all time. It follows the trend of shonen anime that don’t try to act as much as a shonen. It has always had a unique look and feel, like no other anime of the time.

In many ways, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the antithesis of OnePiece. With 64 episodes, there is no filler of any kind; each episode is an integral part of the story. When there are anime that go on forever, a smaller number of episodes can be quite refreshing.

4 Dragon Ball – An Anime Classic1649493203 222 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

In many ways, dragon ball was the anime series that started them all. It set the pattern for how shonen would be done for years to come: extensive training and power at all costs, but learning to use that power responsibly and use it to help your teammates.

The mangaka Akira Toriyama divided dragon ball in different parts, as the characters age and go through new stages of their lives.

3 Naruto – The Current Generation Of Dragon Ball1649493203 421 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

Naruto came dangerously close to what he did one piece, that is, continuing their story until there seemed to be no end in sight. Fans were worried about it, but mangaka Masashi Kishimoto decided to end the series after almost twenty years.

The fans were satisfied with the conclusion from naruto . Kishimoto decided to continue the series with a sequel. -Boruto- which follows the life of the next generation of Naruto .

2 Hunter X Hunter – A Togashi Classic1649493203 820 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

While the Hunter x manga Hunter is longer, hunter x anime Hunter is a relatively short shonen that many fans consider to be the best of all. From three-dimensional characters, themes of teamwork, overcoming adversity, and captivating villains and antiheroes, Hunter x Hunter has something for everyone. hunter x Hunter benefits from its razor-sharp detail regarding the dominant power system, the Nen.

1 Yu Yu Hakusho – Best Shonen Anime1649493203 565 Top 10 Anime Series Better Than One Piece Ranked.webp

Yuyu Hakusho It showed that an anime doesn’t need to be excessively long to be good. In fact, it can be quite short, even by shonen standards. With around 140 episodes, Yu Yu Hakushō is a shonen anime that packs incredible characterizations, wickedly entertaining story arcs, and significant moments into a short space.

Yuyu Hakusho it is a triumph of anime that is seeing its popularity resurface; A live-action Netflix adaptation is in the works.