Top 10 One Piece Laughs

One Piece is packed with unique characters. The anime and manga host a large number of characters with different designs, voices, and personalities. One specific quality or character trait that can set these fantastic characters apart, even beyond their looks or personality, is their unique laughs.

Each character de One Piece has a specific laugh and no two laughs are the same. However, some of the laughs of these characters are more than strange. They range from laughs that include certain words with each laugh to full falsetto laughs. Some of the best laughs from the characters in One Piece are sure to make fans laugh too.

10 Brook’s contagious laugh

As a talking skeleton with an afro who can play almost any instrument, Brook is already a unique character within the world of One Piece. However, it is his laugh that really sets him apart.

Brook’s laugh seems to come from the famous sea song “Bink’s Brew”, a song that holds immense sentimentality because he sang it for Laboon when he was still alive. Brook’s laugh not only strikes a chord with fans, but the tone of his “yo-ho-ho” laugh is really infectious.

9 Dorry & Broggy’s Boisterous Chuckle1643449060 618 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

These giants are two peas in a pod, despite having been dueling for roughly 100 years. It stands to reason that the laughs of these two pirates are as big and boisterous as they are.

Dorry’s “gegyagyagyagya” and Broggy’s “gabababababa” have as much taste as the fighting spirit of the men. But what’s also unique about these laughs is how well they fit together, hinting that despite their ongoing conflict, these two pirates might get along better than fans initially think.

8 Hogback’s Arrogant Snicker1643449060 778 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

Thriller Bark’s Hogback is an enigmatic character with an almost vampiric character design and a Frankenstein-like personality. It is, without a doubt, a creepy enemy. However, his laugh only adds to the disturbing personality of this character. Hogback’s laugh, like that of many other characters de One Piece , it deviates from the usual.

He is a sharper “phosphophosphosphos” and his laugh usually follows an arrogant comment on his part. Hogback’s laugh may not be as creepy as his character design, but it adds to his overall arrogant persona and “genius doctor” character.

7 Kaido’s Intimidating Snore1643449060 151 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

Known as the “Strongest Creature in the World”, Kaido has an impressive character design. With an imposing height, an impressive build, scars, piercing eyes and horns growing from the top of his head, fans can see how he has earned the title of Strongest Creature.

His appearance, coupled with his warrior spirit, cements his status as one of the Four Emperors, and Kaido’s laugh only serves to reinforce his intimidating aura. His “worororo” laugh sounds guttural and almost like a war cry. It is a really disconcerting sound for his enemies.

6 Foxy’s Mischievous Laugh1643449060 310 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

Foxy, as his name suggests, is a cunning and conniving pirate. His personality, combined with his hair resembling pointed ears and a big smile on his face, makes him look very fox-like. The similarities don’t end there, as he doesn’t mind using dirty tricks to get what he wants.

Luckily, his silly and shady plans never seem to work out for him. With Luffy as his proclaimed archenemy, Foxy has repeatedly caused mischief for the Straw Hat crew. Fortunately, his laugh is a clear “fehfehfehfeh” and can always alert the Straw Hats when this particular pirate is trying to stir up some trouble.

5 The endearing and awkward laugh of Jaguar D. Saul1643449061 715 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

A giant with a good heart, Jaguar D. Saul’s laugh may be a fan favorite. When the giant was shipwrecked on Ohara, he befriended a young Robin and taught her how to laugh. His iconic “dereshishishishi” made Robin smile.

However, his laugh was more than endearing: Jaguar D. Saul taught Robin to laugh even when he was sad or in pain. Her “dereshishishishi” would become a source of comfort to her until, inevitably, she met the Straw Hats and laughed to herself.

4 Perona’s haughty laugh1643449061 681 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

The “Ghost Princess” Perona has her own look and laugh, like all the other characters de One Piece . The young woman is dressed almost like a lolita with a crown and an umbrella, which only reinforces her title and complements her Devil Fruit power.

Perona’s ability to create and control ghosts comes from the Horo Horo no Mi. His laugh is a variation of the name of the devil fruit he ate, “horohorohoro”. She is sharper and seems to reflect her “princess” image as well, as it complements her haughty attitude.

3 Brulee’s Wicked Cackle1643449061 382 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

An officer of the Great Mother Pirates and Human of the Mirror, Brulee is an intimidating character. Her appearance and power seem to be inspired by the characterization of evil witches from fairy tales. With her long purple hair, grayish skin, dark lips, and long pointed nose, Brulee has the appearance of a stereotypical witch.

His laugh also contributes to his evil appearance. Brulee’s characteristic “wiwwiwwiwwi” is very reminiscent of a witch’s cackling. Her looks, her ability to manipulate others with her mirrors, and her laugh make Brulee a unique character.

2 Pica’s unexpected laugh1643449061 690 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

Pica, one of the three main officers of the Donquixote Pirates, has a very intimidating appearance. Large in stature, bulging with muscles, and clad in golden gladiator armor, Pica is a terrifying foe. However, Pica’s laugh is just the opposite.

This pirate has an extremely high-pitched voice, so his laughter detracts from his overall image. Pica can brutally murder someone if his voice is mocked. Pica laughs with a very characteristic “pikkya-pikkya-pikkyarara” for this aggressive and intimidating Donquixote Pirate.

1 Nekomamushi Cat Squirt1643449061 225 Top 10 One Piece Laughs.webp

As the Guardian of the Whale Forest on the Island of Zou, the “Ruler of the Night” Nekomamushi is an intimidating individual. As a feline mink, Nekomamushi has the appearance of an anthropomorphic lion who dresses in simple clothing. He also has a kiseru smoking pipe.

Despite being a fierce warrior, Nekomamushi’s feline qualities are not limited to his looks. A notable feature is his laugh, “goronyanya”. “Gorogoro” is a Japanese onomatopoeia for purring, while “nya” is the onomatopoeia for a cat’s meow. This laugh adds an adorable touch to a fierce guardian.