Top 10 strongest kicking fighters!

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As a human-fish hybrid, Dellinger was born physically stronger than the average human, judging by his ability to lift cannonballs with ease at the age of two. He possesses extreme superhuman strength in the legs, as the force of his kicks can easily move Machvise (ten tons) and also seriously hurt physically powerful fighters like Blue Gilly.



His crossing of the Grand Line his wooden leg and his way of treating Sanji gave him a place here, without even having to develop.


good kurei

Bon Clay is a very powerful transvestite performer and a master of a unique, dance-based style of martial arts known as Okama Kenpo, which combines powerful, acrobatic kicks and sometimes punches with ballet dancing. His extensive training in this fighting style made Bentham powerful enough to kick Mr. 1 and to be compatible with Sanji’s Black Leg Style. With Okama Kenpo, Bentham can use a wide array of powerful kicks for attack, as well as acrobatic dance maneuvers for evasion. This allows him to easily defeat a large number of prison guards armed with trident spears and guns in Impel Down, knock out a demonic guard and briefly stand up to Hannyabal, the second strongest fighter in Impel Down. after Magellan.


Baron Tamago

Tamago is extremely strong, which contrasts with his disproportionate build and thin limbs. He has enough physical power to match Pedro, an extremely powerful jaguar.

As a member of the Long Leg Tribe, his legs are considered the main point of his combat strength and, at the same time, his weakness. He is able to perform quick kicks, spinning his legs horizontally in a whirling motion similar to a cartwheel. Thanks to the length of his legs, his kicks have great range (greater, in his own words, than Pedro’s sword strikes), and he is able to strike his legs directly against a blade with no apparent repercussion .


don sai

Don Sai is a member of the Chinjao family and the 13th Chief of the Happu Fleet, as well as the Commander of the 3rd Division of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Sai is unquestionably a powerful fighter. He was able to defeat the Funk Brothers, who are capable of defeating pirates with bounties over 100 million, with a single kick.

Through his diligent training in Hasshoken, Sai has acquired tremendous physical prowess as well as great skill in this unique, vibration-generating martial art. Sai has personally emphasized the use of vibration-enhanced kicks.

Sai’s true strength later appears when he is able to effortlessly bend Chinjao’s Haki-covered head. (an incredible feat achieved only by Garp and Luffy before him) and during his fight against Lao G when he is able to easily defeat him and split the entire hill in half. After seeing his destructive power, even Roronoa Zoro noted his abilities and decided to withhold his name for the future.



Vergo was a powerful man who believed he was above an opponent like Trafalgar Law. This was proven by Vergo’s two easy wins against Law. He also defeated Vice Admiral Smoker on moderate difficulty (while retaining full strength) – though Smoker was more focused on retrieving Law’s heart.

Vergo possesses immense physical strength, as he can fracture a bone in Sanji’s leg with a single kick.

Vergo was very proficient in Rokushiki (his Tekkai was strong enough to withstand Sanji’s Devil Leg enhanced kicks). He was able to imbue his entire body with Busoshoku Haki. This form granted him powerful blows that inflicted very severe and traumatic blows on Rosinante and Law.


boa hancock

Considered the strongest warrior of the infamous Kuja tribe, Hancock possesses immense physical strength. She is able to execute kicks of superhuman power that can easily shatter stone (in the form of petrified opponents), as well as knock down numerous naval officers and New World pirates with incredible skill. ease, and she can knock out Smoker, an extremely strong and powerful marine, froma single Haki-enhanced kick. His strength is complemented by extraordinary speed and agilityallowing him to deliver an extremely fast barrage of powerful kicks to numerous Marines and New World Pirates at the same time. His kicks, complemented by his Devil Fruit powersallow him to destroy multiple Pacifistas at once, single-handedly.



Under Zeff’s strict tutelage, Sanji has become an extremely powerful master of a kick-based martial art called “Black Leg Style” which is a unique combination of Brazilian Capoeira, French Savate and Korean Taekwondo, able to use powerful kicks with versatility.

In the Enies Lobby arc, Sanji reveals a new ability – Devil Leg, the power to heat his lower legs to such a high temperature that they glow bright red, spinning rapidly in place, making his more powerful attack. The heat of his attacks is so high that even a touch of a second can set a person on fire. Devil Leg has improved to the point that his entire leg is now enveloped in large flames.
Sanji can harden his legs with Busoshoku Haki. He did not actively display this ability until his fight with his father, when he hardened his right leg in order to block one of his father’s attacks.

During the Wano Country arc, Sanji developed the Ifrit Jambe, a new and improved version of the Diable Jambe. By combining his newly awakened genetic enhancements with Busoshoku Haki, Sanji greatly increases the strength and endurance of his legs, allowing them to endure much hotter flames. Using this technique, Sanji is able to produce bluish-white flames, which adds a boost to his kicking techniques, more than the previous Diable Jambe, which allowed him to defeat the All-Star, Queen, a former zoan user with multiple cybernetic augmentations, including himself and his brothers’ Raid Suits abilities.


marco the phoenix

Marco the Phoenix is ​​the former commander of the 1st Division of the Whitebeard Pirates.
Marco is a very strong individual, as he demonstrated during the war, he was of a similar fighting level to the three Admirals. Marco has impressive physical strength. Thanks to his physical power supplemented by his Devil Fruithe was quite capable of fighting against Admirals Kizaru, Aokiji and Akainu and hold on.

Marco’s fighting style seems to be mostly based on kicking techniques, as he fended off Kizaru and Aokiji. He usually reverts to his human form to deliver his kicks, but he can also enhance them with the cutting power granted to him by his hybrid form’s talons, as seen when he attacked Akainu after the latter delivered the fatal blow to Ace.

Marco easily knocked the Queen Mama Chanter, a gigantic ship, over Wano Waterfall with a single blow and was later seen battling Big Mom as the woman wielded Prometheus, seeming compete despite the monstrous strength of the woman.

Against King and Queen, Marco was able to repeatedly land powerful melee kicks, his phoenix leg kicks causing the All-Stars to bleed from the Pirates to the Hundred Beasts and sending them flying with great force.


kizaru and white beard

Admiral of the Marines, Kizaru is one of the strongest fighters in the World Government and the Marines.

He possesses immense physical strength, capable of restraining Whitebeard’s enormous bisento with a single foot.

He matched an older (but still hugely powerful) Rayleigh and went head-to-head with Whitebeard himself (whose bodily power, even in his old age, far exceeded that of a giant).

Kizaru is extremely proficient in kicks, which is reinforced by his logia powers, allowing him to strike foes such as Hawkins and Luffy with devastating power. He can send Urouge crashing into buildings with a single light-enhanced kick.

He is able to move and attack at the speed of light, and all of his attacks are based on the element of light, such as firing energy blasts from his fingertips or his feet with extreme precision. Its power is very destructive, it causes huge explosions and can easily destroy buildings. He also has the ability to mirror himself, essentially moving from place to place at the speed of light. Thanks to the power of this fruit, Kizaru is probably the fastest man in the world.

Although most of Kizaru’s feats of speed stem from his ability to transform into light, the Admiral’s coordination of his lightspeed movements (whether kicking or moving from place to place) nonchalantly but with unerring precision suggests a high level of natural perception and reflex speed. The same goes for the observed strength of most of Kizaru’s physical attacks (kicks), the weight and strength of which are greatly increased by the Admiral’s power to transform into light, making the strength naturalness of his kicks difficult to assess.