Top 11 Censored Anime Scenes Worldwide

Mangas (or their adaptations in animated) regularly display daring content on their boards, whether they contain nudity, gore or even display certain controversial objects (alcohol, cigarettes), this in particular due to the predominance of young audiences. And obviously, in some countries (even in France in some cases) some content does not pass. So much so that the authorities concerned set up censorship in order not to offend their public, or because these scenes do not correspond to the values ​​defended by the society concerned.

We have selected 11 manga or anime scenes for you that have suffered some form of censorship in the world or in certain countries.

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#1 emotional death

Adapted from shōnen written and drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi from 2011 Hunter × Hunter follows the adventures of Gon, who decides at the age of 12 to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a Hunter.

After the credits of episode 135, at the end of the Chimera Ant arc, Meruem dies poisoned alongside Komugi, the blind little girl he plays Gun-gi with throughout the arc. A scene that includes a moving dialogue that Netflix subscribers unfortunately cannot see, this one being absent.

Top 11 Censored Anime Scenes Worldwide

#2 Tokyo Ghoul, too gory

New red N censorship. It’s the anime this time Tokyo Ghoul who is targeted. Known for being a particularly gory anime, Tokyo Ghoul follows the life of Kaneki Ken, who after being attacked by a ghoul, undergoes surgery that will turn him into a half-ghoul. He will have to interfere in society with this very special status.

Netflix decides to hide the many attacks of the ghouls by means of black barslight filters and blurred sections to hide, especially large wounds.

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#3 Meowth Flame

Many scenes from pokemon have been censored. Let’s quote “The Wild Child“, episode 34 of season 1 of pokemonwhere a scene was deleted due toa fix on Ondine’s chestor the one censored because ofa reference to Hitler.

Let’s talk today about a scene where Meowth is holding a burning match in the Japanese version. In the USA, the match has been replaced by a birthday candle.

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#4 Neiji in the eye of the storm

naruto is one of the animes that has suffered the most censorship, especially in the transposition of manga into anime. Neiji in particular received two changes. Thereby, the symbol of his cursed seal placed on his forehead, has been replaced by a more conventional cross, for obvious reasons.

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On the other hand, A passage from the manga was deemed too violent to be adapted as is in the anime. When Neiji is opposed to Kidômaru the sound ninja, he suffers a very large shoulder injury that will leave him a hole in the manga. In the anime, this has been toned down.

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#5 Sanji’s cigarette in One Piece

This scene is certainly one of the most famous censored passages in the anime universe. Iconic character of One PieceSanji appears regularly with a cigarette at the edge of the lips or in the hand.

In contrast in the anime, in the Cartoon Network version, (and even in South Korea), theThe phases where he begins to smoke are replaced, sometimes by a lollipop. Which did not fail to provoke an outcry from the side of the fan basedue to character distortion.

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#6 Weapons in One Piece

always in One Piecethese are this time weapons that have been censored from the original version. For example, in the Japanese version, Hermep threatened Koby with a gun, in the Western version, the weapon was replaced by a kind of hammer with spring.

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#7 epilepsy alert

Other censorship around Pokemon:The Porygon Virtual Soldier“, episode 38 of Season 1. Previously aired in Japan on Tuesday, December 16, 1997, the episode was later banned worldwide due to waves of epileptic seizures it caused.

Japanese firefighters counted a total of 685 hospitalized viewers. After this event pokemon will even be interrupted and the series will not resume until 4 months later.

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#8 Sailor moon, more NSFW than you think

Like many Japanese manga, Sailor Moon has been subject to various controversies. Several scenes of violence have thus been banned internationally. For example, let’s talk about episode 24, in which a character being stabbed. Let us also quote electrocution scenes.

On the other hand, the occasional nudity of certain heroines in scenes also led the authorities to ban them.

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#9 Rock Lee no longer bleeds

always in narutoin one of the episodes, Rock Lee gets hit by his master Gaï Maito and bleeds profusely. This scene will eventually be changed in the censored version, in which the sheaves of blood have been removed.

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#10 Demon Slayer and Chinese Censorship

Demon Slayer is one of the most watched and loved anime. And unfortunately, it was not exempt from some censorship, especially in China.

In an episode of season 2, which ended on February 13, the 3 wives of Tengen sport outfits revealing their arms and their strong chests. Nothing very shocking a priori, but not for theMiddle Kingdom, which decided to replace them with others, more “conventional”.

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1654010704 849 Top 11 Censored Anime Scenes Worldwide

#11 too visible chest

We were talking to you 3 years ago abouta promotional poster which caused controversy My Hero Academia. This revealed the characters Momo and Kyoka in a bikini on a beach, and had caused a heated debate on the web.

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Know that in the Philippines, the scenes where Momo appears in cleavage have simply been blurred, the country deeming the content too offensive to young audiences.

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For your part, have you spotted other censored anime or manga scenes? Feel free to share your examples in the comments.