Top 20: Asterix stronger than One Piece, Kylian Mbappé in ambush

Despite an event release and a circulation of 250,000 copies, the 100e take from One Piece failed to dislodge Asterix and the Griffin (Albert-René) from his place of leader, occupied for eight weeks. The manga franchise of Glénat still manages to enter directly 2e with the original edition and 3e with the collector’s edition in the Top 20 GfK / Livres Hebdo, which lists the best sales of all genres and all formats.

The only other Top 20 entry is also a manga, Kaiju N ° 8, vol. 2 (Kazé Manga) who disembarks 7e. 12 comics and manga squat the board, less than two weeks before Christmas.

Top 20 Monthly Practical

Stability in the lead. Eat better without breaking the bank from Laurent Mariotte (Solar) maintains its pole position, ahead of the Homemade # 5 by Cyril Lignac (La Martinière) and My homemade desserts by Roxane (Solar). Best entry and straight 4e, It’s better when it’s good by Emmanuelle Jarry (Practical Hachette). The kitchen remains the star of the segment with the top seven spots occupied by recipe books, including the entrance toIn the kitchen with Diego Alary (Practical Hatchet), 6e. Larousse is also making a great raid among the novelties with The little bar of arranged rums (9e), My little break by the fireside (11e), My pretty anti-cold bear paws (12e), My little meow break by the fireside (16e), A pastis in the Old Port (18e) and My little hot water bottle (20e).

Top 20 Monthly Youth Novels

Unsurprisingly, the last JK Rowling, Jack & the great adventure of the Christmas pig (Gallimard youth) keeps his crown. The 16e tome of Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney (Youth Threshold) goes straight to 2e. Mortal Adele (Bayard youth) and Alma (Gallimard jeunesse) complete the Top 5. Finally, another newspaper, that of Gurty, by Bertrand Santini (Sarbacane) between 7e.

Top 20 Monthly Youth Albums

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Top 50 Fiction

The most secret memory of men by Mohamed Mbougar Sarr (Philippe Rey / Jimsaan), Goncourt 2021, retains its first place and exceeds 200,000 copies sold. In this ranking, where the fifteen best-selling titles are always the same from one week to the next, the bounty goes to the thrillers and books awarded this fall. Note that in 65e week Goncourt 2020, The anomalies Hervé Le Tellier (Gallimard), progresses again and settles 17e. Another distinguished author, the Nobel Prize for Literature, Abdulrazak Gurnah, arrive 43e with Paradis, published by Denoël.

Top 50 Non-fiction

Catherine Nay still reigns over the best-selling stories, essays, testimonials and documents with her second autobiographical volume, Memories memories… (Books). Francois Morel with its chronicles, It’ll be OK ! (Denoël / France Inter) jumped 23 places to position 18e. Among the rare entries, let us mention those of Mike Zonnenberg and Fabio Soares (Coroner’s files, Gründ, 29e) and Pierre Rabhi, recently deceased (Gaia’s sadness, Actes Sud, 40e).

Top 20 Pocket

No changes on the podium with in order 13 at the table! 2022 (Pocket), The red muse by Véronique de Haas (Fayard) and L’inconnu de la forêt by Harlan Coben (Pocket). No entry is to be reported. But on the eve of the documentary’s theatrical release The Snow Leopard, the eponymous book by Sylvain Tesson (Folio) jumped 9 places (11e).

Top 20 Comics

Asterix continues its domination in 8e week, leaving Blake and Mortimer at bay. The surprise comes from the continual progression over the past four weeks of the autobiographical and self-published comics of Kylian Mbappé (My name is kylian, KM éditions) which wins 3e best selling comic book this week.