Top 20 funniest tweets about manga, the most popular works of recent years

Reserved for a niche audience from us a few years ago, the manga have seen their popularity explode, so much so that it is difficult today not to know an assiduous reader of shōnens or someone able to watch 15 episodes ofanime following. Of One Piece at dragonballPassing by Demon Slayer Where Death Note, there is something for everyone, although fans of different works sometimes go to war with each other. So here are the 20 tweets most funny on the manga !


I saw my ex with a guy during the movie One Piece Red when I was with her telling me that she didn’t like manga..

August 15, 2022


One Piece is still a manga where you can see the protagonist and the main antagonist eating at the same table

May 11, 2022


A teenager brings me 3 manga at the counter
-I can pay one in cash and one in credit card?
-sure. But the 3rd?
– ah yes…no but too bad I will come back
-otherwise you only take two.
– Oh can I?

I still don’t quite understand what went on in his head.

June 16, 2022


nn the truth we made fun of the manga menu but that brother

July 15, 2022


PP manga and PP foot who combine to insult people

February 13, 2019


I’m at Carrefour with my daron, I separated from him to take a manga I lost sight of him knowing that I’m nearsighted and that I don’t have my glasses, it’s been 10min I’m waiting in l ‘main aisle I’m 2 fingers away from embedding myself in another family so accept me lol

December 30, 2018


Ptdrrrr my mother’s life is a manga “Ben Arfa no football”

April 27, 2019


I have a friend, he told me I’m going to a manga exhibition, watch out, what’s he sending me?

February 5, 2022


Mdrrrrr McGregor’s super-human reflex is a manga ????

May 23, 2022


I think the bro didn’t understand the purpose of a manga convention

March 20, 2022


All the guys who watch manga can’t lift

February 2, 2021


I’m shocked 1st degree, better animated than On.. some manga!

May 1, 2022


We download Twitter we put a pp manga and we insult tlm

May 22, 2018


One Piece fans when their buddy finally starts the manga

September 25, 2022


Mdddddr this manga is crazy when you think about it huh how does a football match end like that

April 5, 2022


ptdrrrrrrrr but wesh it looks like a manga the person moves his there surround at 4 Ahahahaha I cry his mother

January 25, 2019


There are guys they follow neither football nor manga zehma it arises in Greek it talks about politics

July 3, 2022


What a year of mental illness 2020 seriously even in a manga there’s never been so many arcs

October 25, 2020


Mdrr but the haters of One Piece you take away the length of the manga they no longer have any argument to criticize him “a pirate who can’t swim”, it’s not even an additional argument

August 6, 2020


I believe there are 3 of us on earth who don’t like manga at all

September 16, 2018

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