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A new year has begun and according to the Chinese zodiac, this 2023 will be the year of the rabbit. The next 365 days could be more favorable for those who are under the shelter of the rabbit like Zodiac sign.

To all this let’s remember that you belong to the sign of the rabbit if you were born in any of the following years and their derivatives in sequence: …1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023…

Because of this, we consider that to celebrate the year of the rabbit we can see some of the animes that have protagonists or appearances of special rabbitswhich we will present to you below:

Haru – beastars

Source: Orange

She’s the bunny that ends up in a romance with two choices. Unfortunately, a kind of forbidden love, either by status —with Louis, the deer— or by more destructive differences —Legoshi, the wolf.

In their anime they will show us these romances while solving a macabre mysterywhich has to do with the massacres that occur at the school —segmented into herbivores and carnivores—.

Haru is a rabbit that you should probably remember in the year of the rabbit, becauser his grace and sensitivity, that identify it with the Chinese sign.

Momiji Sohma – fruit basket

Fruits Basket has all the signs of the Chinese zodiac.
Source: TMS Entertainment

He is one of the smallest of the Sohma family, however, he is half German and also embodies the sign of the rabbit. He is friendly and has good manners, exactly like the sign’s description of him.

Momiji will have fun appearances full of cuteness and intelligence. BesidesFruit Basket is a very warm and nostalgic installment that will surely help you start an excellent year. Its protagonist, the positive Tohru Honda, has a tender heart willing to help everyone.

Usually, the remake of fruit basket it is unmissable.

Mai Sakurajima – Bunny Girl Senpai

To kick off the Year of the Rabbit with a bang, you'll definitely want to remember the sensitive and cold Mai Sakurajima. One of the most special bunnies in the otaku world.
Source: Clover Works

Mai Sakurajima suffers from a phenomenon that prevents others from observing herBecause of this, he tries by all means at his disposal to attract a little more attention. He dresses as a playboy bunny, with big ears and stockings.

One day this bunny will be noticed by Azusagawa Sakuta with whom she will start a beautiful romance while helping more people with similar problems.

Mai is sensitive even if she doesn’t look like it. A true representative of the year of the rabbit.

Usagi – Junni Taisen

Juni Taisen is one of the creepiest battle royales. However, in delivering him we can appreciate all the signs of the zodiac as professional killers.
Source: Graphinica

Well, the Chinese zodiac signs can be cutely represented with characters in pastel colors, much like fruit basketbut there are also much darker deliveries, for example, Junni Taisen with a rabbit that doesn’t look like Momiji Sohma and doesn’t look like Mai Sakurajima either, but somehow it’s kind of a twisted fusion.

So is, Usagi is fearless and unstoppable rabbit in the war of zodiac assassins.

Although he won’t win the war, will have a very important role that will make the viewer tremble. Usagi is quite intelligent and possesses unexpected strength and mettle. Yes, maybe you will have a bit of conflict with rabbits after watching this anime, but it will definitely be worth it.

B-rabbit – Pandora hearts

We present many rabbits for you to choose the one that best suits you to celebrate the beginning of the year of the water rabbit.
Source: Square Enix

Also B-Rabbit, aka Bloody Rabbit, features the rabbit in a nebulous format. He has a scythe that can break the chains that hold the world together, and that, of course, poses big problems.

B-rabbit is an adopted format and one of the mysteries of the anime is precisely the real identification of it.

This celebratory top shows that the Chinese zodiac rabbits are far from being limited by the astrological mantle that sheltered them at birth. What kind of personality would you like to adopt in this year of the rabbit?

One Piece has some special arcs with the appearance of a crew of animals, hence the Carrot that we see in later important fights.
Source: Shueisha

Secondly, we also make a special mention to Carrot de one piece appearing in the following arcs:

  • zou
  • Navy Supernovae
  • Whole Cake Island
  • levely
  • Wano Country

So you already know, We present you with a wide repertoire of rabbit anime so you can celebrate the start of the Chinese year in the way that you see fit.

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What will the year of the rabbit bring for otaku?

The cycle will begin properly on January 22, 2023 and is designated as the year of the rabbit —specifically the water one. It seems that it will be full of changes and invites us to try new video games and anime, an exploration in every way that will bring sudden changes.

So you already know, this year you must prepare to venture further and accept the changes.

Despite the fact that 2023 is the year of the rabbit, we wish a good year for our entire community, regardless of their Chinese zodiac sign. It’s always your year if you want it to be your year. New video games and anime come out every year, so to shine by the reflection of our screens.

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