Top 5 longest fights!

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Here is the list of the 5 longest fights that took place in One Piece.

5 – Gecko Moria vs Kaido – 3 DAYS

Moria’s crew clashed with the Beasts Pirates in the Ringo region of Wano, during this clash Moria stole Ryuma’s corpse as well as Shusui from his grave.
Although the exact details of the battle are unknown, Moria lost his entire crew and was left warped and broken by the experience.holding a grudge against Kaido to this day. After his defeat, Moria set about trying to gain enough power to defeat Kaido, and his search for teammates led him to seek out an undead crew.

4 – Portgas D. Ace vs Jinbe – 5 DAYS

ace vs jinbe

Ace and Jinbe were once enemies, because Ace wanted to kill Whitebeard, whom Jinbe considered a hero for protecting the island from the Fish-Man. The two dueled for five days until they both collapsed from exhaustion. Despite this scuffle, the two men ended up becoming friends who respected each other deeply.

3 – Jack against the Mink Tribe – 5 DAYS

jack vs mink tribe

The battle against the Mink Tribe lasted for five days, with the forces of Inuarashi and Nekomamushi taking turns fighting as the days and nights passed. Although the minks got the better of Jack’s continued forces, they failed to overwhelm Jack himself. On the fifth day of the battle, Jack finally lost his patience and used Koro to claim victory by poisoning the minks. With the mink tribe powerless, Jack tortured the strongest of them for information on Raizo, taking a leg from Inuarashi and an arm from Nekomamushi. The next day, Jack learned of Doflamingo’s defeat and capture and promptly left Zou to rescue him, leaving behind some of his subordinates.

2 – Akainu vs. Kuzan – 10 DAYS

akainu vs kuzan

Akainu was appointed as Admiral of the fleet after Sengoku’s retreat. Kuzan, however, was against the idea to see him become the new admiral of the fleet and the two admirals competed for the position on Punk Hazard.
The battle lasted ten days, and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to be permanently frozen on one half and burned on the other.
In the end, Akainu emerged victorious from this battle, although both men were seriously injured. Akainu, however, decided to leave Kuzan alive as they were comrades.

1 – Dorry vs. Brogy – 100 YEARS

dorry vs brogy

Dorry the Blue Ogre and Brogy the Red Ogre were once two of the most feared pirates in the world because no one could take them down. One day, during a hunting trip, they had both killed a huge king of the seas. Then, while they were celebrating their beautiful catch, a little girl asked them which of the two kings was the bigger one. They couldn’t agree on which was the greatest, so, according to the rules of the Elbaf, they began to duel on the Little Garden.
A hundred years have passed and the bodies of their sea kings have become bones. They continued the battle each time the island’s volcano exploded, with the duel always ending in a draw.