Towards a great catastrophe for Wano Kuni?

One Piece Chapitre

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One Piece Chapter 1037 introduces us to a Wano Kuni upon whom deadly dangers are piling up. Will the country of the samurai survive it?

We knew it, with the fall of the Okanban, it’s now on Kaido that rests the future of the Hundred Beasts Pirates. And unlike his direct lieutenants, whose quick end may have surprised (and even disappointed the most hyped), the yonkou continues to crush the battlefield with his presence, and even allows himself good big swigs of sake during his confrontation with a yet overexcited Luffy. What confirms to us that the most powerful of creatures should be standing still for a long time, and will surely be one of the witnesses of the immense catastrophe which is advancing straight on Wano Kuni.

Zunesha, the surprise guest — Credit(s): Toei Animation

This is the hypothesis that we can clearly pose with the arrival of Zunesha, which brings its prodigious power into the game. We thus see that a new phase of the adventure begins with a narration that passes from the fights on Onigashima to a more violent stage, where all the fighters will have to undergo the pangs of nature. – and surely explosion in the future which will be caused by Kanjuro’s fire ghost. Is this the momentous event that Oda will use to finally close Act 3 of Wano Kuni, with seemingly all the pawns on the table – with the World Government also in the game.

Zunesha, the X factor?

Beyond the great catastrophe, Zunesha could ultimately be the “logical” explanation for the alliance’s victory over the Yonkou that they have objectively not yet surpassed in terms of pure power. The mythological elephant has indeed already shown in the past that he could be controlled by Momonosuke, when the latter asked him to sweep Jake. We can thus imagine him being commanded again by the future shogun to save the country and the rebellion of the too powerful Kaidô and Big Mom this time. And maybe even future attacks from the World Government?