Towards an epic confrontation between Garp and Blackbeard in One Piece Chapter 1071?

Like every week (or almost) a chapter of One Piece made his appearance. Here are the first clues about the chapter 1071 with Zoro preparing to fight and Tech the Emperor receiving an unexpected visit. We detail everything for you.

[ALERTE SPOIL] This article contains spoilers for the final chapter of One Piece. If you are not up to date on the adventures of Luffy and his accomplices, we advise you not to continue reading in order to preserve your pleasure of discovery. Thank you !

Manga On Break, But Chapter 1071 Spoilers Are Here

For several hours, first leaks have been circulating on chapter 1071 of One Piece. As a reminder, the manga is on hiatus. Not because Eiichiro Oda is taking a vacation but because Japanese publisher Shueisha’s weekly magazine Shōnen Jump is not appearing this week.

However, the next chapter is ready and smart people have managed to get a preview of the rest of the adventures of Luffy and his friends. After Vegapunk’s breakthrough findings on Devil Fruitswhat does Oda have in store for us in this new chapter?

Zoro and Garp ready to fight?

First information that should excite fans of Zoro: the latter will fight Kuma, one of the Corsair Captains. And let’s be honest, this clash should be no problem for the pirate hunter. Kinda Luffy in Gear 5 against Rob Lucci : a one-sided battle.

Second important information, garp should appear in this chapter 1071 in order to save Kobby who is imprisoned by Black beard, aka Teach the Emperor. How is he going to do it? How will he face Teach? We do not know yet.

Third piece of information, Eustass Kid and his crew arrive at Elbaf, this island populated only by giant living beings. So it would seem that the Elbaf arc is therefore centered around the pirate from South Blue. Finally, last info, Kuma appears in the chapter but we do not yet know where he decided to teleport.