Trafalgar Law, Koby, Bartolomeo… discover the characters of One Piece Red

By sydney

– Posted on 21 Apr 2022 at 17:45

New information continues to trickle in about the upcoming One Piece movie, One Piece Red, with several characters from the main saga set to appear, such as the notorious Trafalgar Law!

The One Piece Red movie is not very far from coming out, as we can see with the very many information that keep falling lately on the internet. We could thus see the Mugiwara outfits appear, hereand here. We also got a trailer who told us more about the mysterious “Uta”, who is actually the hidden daughter of the Yonkou Shanks. But the novelties do not stop there, the team in charge of production seems to want to put the package on the teaser. We had the right a few days ago to the portrait of the villain. And today, the film opens up a little more to us, since we discover the characters of the saga who will make their appearance in the fourteenth film of the series.

As can be seen above, among the appearances on the program, we find:

  • For Heart Pirates: Trafalgar Law, and Beppo;
  • For the Barto Club: Bartolomeo;
  • For the Navy: Koby and Helmeppo

In the tweet that introduces us to these characters, customized for the occasion in chill mode, we also find the following sentence: “Pirates and the Navy in an Explosive Situation!? They are going to participate in the battle of the concert of Uta, the daughter of Shanks ». It should be quite musical!

Trafalgar Law, an important figure?

But if 5 of the people were presented, only Trafalgar Law was entitled to a post similar to that of Mugiwara and Uta presenting its design. Luffy’s ally for several years now should still be present. We remember that in addition to the Dressrosa and Wano Kuni arcs, Trafalgar Law was already there in One Piece: Stampede. Will the surgeon of death still gain in importance in this feature film?