Trailer of One Piece: Red, the story of Shanks

We can already see the trailer for One Piece: Red, the movie that will tell more details about the pirate Shanks the Redhead.

The anime recently hit 1,000 episodes, a very difficult milestone for any production worldwide. In addition, they have announced that the next feature film is in the works and have also revealed the release date in theaters in Japan. So One Piece: Red It can be seen from August 6, 2022 and will be about the pirate Shanks the Redhead. One of the most beloved and enigmatic characters.

Furthermore, they have already confirmed that One Piece: Red will have an international premiere, but unfortunately there is no official date yet, but everything suggests that it will arrive at the end of 2022. For now, we have few details of the plot but we know that it is directed by the franchise director of Code Geass, Goro Taniguchi. It will also have the script of Tsutomu Kuroiwa, while the creator of the original series Eiichiro Oda he works as a producer.

Who is Shanks the Redhead?

One Piece: Red is about one of the most popular pirates in the series. Given that Shanks the Redhead it is very important for Monkey D. Luffy, the great protagonist. Since when I was little, Luffy He lived in his village called Villa Foosha (Villa of the Windmill) on the island of Dawn in the Kingdom of Goa. At age 7 he ran into a gang of pirates led by ShanksWhile enjoying a well-deserved rest, little Luffy ingested the devil fruit Gomu Gomu which gives it an elasticity as if it were made of Goma.

When you have a conflict with a gang of criminals, Luffy ends up in the sea and is about to be eaten by a sea monster, but Shanks saves him, losing his arm. Then he gives him his straw hat and makes him promise that he will become the greatest pirate. So it is a great inspiration to you during all your adventures.

So if you like Shanks and you want to know more details about him, you have to see One Piece: Red when it premieres.