Ukrainian Defense Ministry quotes One Piece in its war speech

Unfortunately the war between Ukraine Y Russia It’s not over yet, and one of the nation’s most valuable tools during the conflict has been social media, so as the battle continues, much of the world has been left watching the events from home through videos and posts, and since then, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine he took to Twitter to update his people and the world at large on his victories.

And now, in a recent post, he paid tribute to one piece while giving a war speech, that’s right, this post was shared on social media this week when the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shared the total losses that the Russian occupiers have experienced since February, and the are worrying, as a preface, the organization quoted Luffy with the help of the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda.

“Power is not determined by your size, but by the size of your heart and dreams!”to which although we remember, this quote from Luffy it’s inspiring and it came about at a time in One Piece when our heroes needed hope, at that time not only did Luffy drop this line to motivate his allies, but the pirate went on to say that you can’t create a better future without taking risks within of the manga.

So, according to the Internet, these words were shared on the big screen when One Piece Stampede made landfall… but that’s not the case at all, as these exact words were never spoken by Luffy in the anime, but zoro he said something incredibly close during a fight years ago, so after all these years, this quote has somehow become war propaganda in Ukraine’s fight against Russia.

Now as for the conflict itself, the war in Ukraine continues to unfold as new reports confirm that the military has retaken the key town of Lyman from Russian control, this update comes after the Russian president, Vladimir Putinannounced plans to annex four regions of Ukraine despite the pushback.

To date, the numbers are really unfortunate, as approximately 14 million people have been displaced by the war with almost 30,000 deaths from February 24, 2022 to date.