Ukrainian One Piece fan fears he will die in the conflict against Russia before he can see the end of the manga

The whole world came to a standstill when Russia announced a military attack against Ukraine. As expected, there are currently many innocents who are dying. It is because of them that the residents of that country, most of them without the possibility of escape, are plunged into fear and it is not for less. On the One Piece Reddit, a Ukrainian fan expressed his fear of dying before seeing the end of the story. As expected, the post went viral and he was quickly able to receive messages of encouragement and support from his “nakamas.”

Ukraine One Piece Fan Goes Viral On Reddit

It was exactly on February 22 that this user published his case through the One Piece Reddit. In the publication, he expressed his fear of losing his life, in the face of military attacks from Russia, before he could see the end of One Piece. He even told other fans to remember him when they witness the long-awaited finale of Eiichiro Oda’s play.

As expected, many fellow One Piece fans also gave messages of encouragement to the user and some even offered to buy him plane tickets so he can escape.

Due to these messages expressing concern for the user, some accused the Ukrainian of only wanting to convey pity and trying to swindle them out of money. To their surprise, the One Piece fanatic refused all monetary help, mentioning that he was not looking to ask for “mercy” money. The only thing he was trying to do was share his last moments with other people who share his passion for manga.

The last thing that was known about the One Piece fanatic user is that his wireless connection had been cut, while his mobile data was running low. He thanked all his colleagues for the messages of encouragement and that if he manages to survive, he will return to the publication to let everyone know of his status.

Let’s hope that soon the military attacks in Ukraine can stop and innocent people, like this One Piece fan, can be safe.

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