Understanding One Piece: What are the Akuma no Mi? The Origin of Devil Fruits and Their Types

Talking about One Piece is entering swampy ground, we are not going to lie to you. The Oda’s secrecy Along with the craziest theories of anime and manga fans, it causes us to see confirmations that we had never imagined. However, there are concepts that are very well explained in the manga but that many may be lost due to the so skilful way that the author has to explain some of these concepts.

One of these sections is akuma no mi, or Fruits of the Devil in Spanish and even Nuts of Beelzebub in the animated version in Spain. For those who do not know it, these fruits are a mystical food within the world of One Piece that grant a certain power or ability to the user who consumes it. If you want to know the origin, I’m afraid we have bad news for you, since There is still no clear explanation of where they all come from.only fan theories that may not be true and that we prefer to wait for the official version to know more about them.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of these fruits in the work, and each and every one of them with a unique power. That is why we are going to explain to you, for the most lost of the work or the most curious, what are the types of fruit and the power that each of them haveas well as some users who possess the different demon foods.

Paramecia – Superhuman power

It’s about the most common fruit of the whole series (within the exclusivity that entails having eaten one of these), in which the possessor receives a power that affects his body, either granting him much more strength or the power to manipulate any part of your body or your environment. One of the great virtues of this fruit is that even the weakest can take advantage of this power since they can make the most of the characteristics they achieve by consuming this powerful food.

exist “special” paramecias that give a twist to its powereven managing to transform parts of his body into other elements such as the mochi (Katakuri), thus achieving a power similar to that of the lodges that we will explain below. Nico Robin, Trafalgar Law or Whitebeard they get their power as a result of a fruit of these characteristics.

Logia – Manipulation of elements


Unlike paramecia, this devil fruit is very hard to find and gives the power to manipulate a specific element, such as fire or water, as well as being able to transform into them. These fruits give power to create, control and transform at will an element. If any of these three things are missing from the carrier, then they will be categorized as parameciae. In addition, said element or substance must be created naturally, so the Mochi Mochi fruit that we mentioned earlier would not fall into this category either.

Portgas D. Ace or the three admirals of the navyAkainu, Aokiji and Kizaru, are users of this type of akuma no mi.

Zoan – Animal Transformation


The most special of allis what allows the consumer transform into an animal, either partially or completely, because you can handle it at your will. They are quite good in close combat and grant the wearer three forms of transformation, the human form, the human beast form where he combines his body with the animal, and the beast form where he fully turns into the animal corresponding to the fruit. In turn, there are three more branches within these fruits, which makes them much more special:

  • Carnivorous Zoan: Users who become strong animals within mother nature (mostly hunters). In this section we can find Rob Lucci, capable of transforming into Leopard
  • Prehistoric Zoan: Users who become creatures that no longer exist or have almost disappeared like dinosaurs. Here we can mention X Drake, Page One or King
  • Mythological Zoan: The strongest of all, it allows the user to transform into mythological creatures that have never been seen, such as a Phoenix or even a God. Here we can mention Marcos Fénix, Kaido, Orochi, or
    Monkey D Luffy
Understanding One Piece What are the Akuma no Mi The


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