US box office: Black Adam still in the lead, One Piece is off to a good start

black adam protects his throne without convincing, One Piece Movie: Red makes a grand entrance and Ticket to Paradise remains in pain.

After three weeks of operation, the mediocre black adam continues to reign on American soil. The feature film carried by Sandwich Man Dwayne Johnson retains its status as a leader well helped, it is true, by the absence of a real heavyweight able to overshadow it. In addition, even if the exploits of the anti-hero have not been disputed in recent days, the Halloween period has been favorable to support some small, daring genre films.

For DC’s hoped-for new emblem, the results, while not catastrophic, are disappointing. Indeed, if the film will cheerfully exceed Shazam (another feature film marking the start of a series dedicated to a DC superhero) in terms of receipts (140 million in total for Shazam in North America against 137 million currently for Black Adam), black adamon the other hand, probably won’t save DC. Barring a spectacular turnaround (and a beneficial exit in China), the feature film will not equal the 370 million earnings on the domestic soil of The Batman. Worse, with only 319.6 million accumulated worldwide before the release of Black Panther 2, it shouldn’t even manage to amortize its own $200 million budget (non-marketing). So big blow.

Don’t Get Mad Dwayne You Won’t Save DC Admit It

For its part, One Piece Film: Red would make a resounding debut at the US box office, immediately rising to second position, with more than 9 million dollars in revenue, for its first weekend of operation. Despite the lowest number of copies among the top 5 (only 2367 against 4066 for Ticket to Paradisefor example), the anime benefits from the significant aura of the franchise internationally. One Piece Movie: Red will he break records after his sensational debut just like in France? Difficult to predict, because many anime had a meteoric start before quickly running out of steam. In any case, the feature film would start off strong and its average number of copies/recipes (4003) would be close to the scores of black adam (4647).

With $8.5 million raised, the bad Ticket to Paradise would drop one place, but would still remain in the top 5. Without a real opponent in its niche currently, the comedy would post results that are sham. The film would profit from an important distribution (more than 4000 copies), superior even to black adam, but would get the disappointing average of 2092, more than half that of Black Adam. However, the feature film impresses over time and has already made its round budget of 60 million dollars profitable worldwide (with a total of more than 137 million).

One Piece Film : Red : photoLuffy on boarding the US box office

The ranking was in any case strongly influenced by the Halloween period, since several horror films would have pulled out of the game admirably this weekend, starting with the amazing Smile, still going strong after six weeks of operation. Its revenues would have fallen by only 26%, allowing him to add $4 million to his North American total flirting with $100 million. The feature film is one of the very big surprises of the year at the box office, including in France.

Another film that surfed the Halloween trend, the pathetic Devil’s Prey, the film would indeed have raised nearly 3.9 million dollars and would thus close the march of this top 5. However, it should be noted both a fairly clear drop in receipts of 46%, a priori, after two short weeks operating. Besides, he would already be behind Smilealthough in theaters for much longer, while the two films benefit from an equivalent number of copies (3046 for Smile against 2980 for Devil’s Prey).

smile: pictureSoon 100 million dollars collected, something to smile about

On the top 10 side, several singular facts are to be noted this week. Thereby Enzo, the crocodile would make a meteoric rise with an increase of 22.6% and $3.3 million earned while the number of copies has hardly changed (and even decreased). The feature film, The Banshees of Inisherinmeanwhile, would finally benefit from a cover worthy of the name (+837 copies) and would achieve a score of 2 million dollars, coupled with an excellent average (more than 2200), superior to Smile or at The Devil’s Prey. The Oscar-winning effect, no doubt.

Finally, Halloween effect always, the efficient Halloween Ends and Terrify 2 would position themselves respectively at the 9e and 10e place even if Halloween Ends would continue its dizzying fall, losing another four places compared to last weekend (competition from platforms requires) and above all 65.5% of its revenue. The disappointing The Woman King, for its part, would be ejected from the top 10, but after eight weeks in theaters all the same while the feature film would still store $ 900,000 this weekend (for a solid total of 65.9 million).

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile: PictureSay hello to my tremendous comeback from the weekend.

In contrast, times are still going to be difficult for James Gray and his Armageddon Timesince for its 1D week of release (the previous one was for previews), the film reportedly only raised $800,000 and posted a fairly low average for a release of 805. In contrast, disturbing him Without filter would continue on its way, no doubt carried by the Palme d’Or effect and its very good critical reception across the Atlantic. Even if Ruben Östlund’s film does not reach the dizzying scores of another Palme d’Or, Parasiteit would already be twice as good as The Squarethe first Palme d’Or won by the Swede, with 3 million dollars accumulated.

Anyway, the ranking is likely to be greatly upset next week, with the arrival with a bang of the juggernaut Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Beyond getting a predictable first place barring industrial disaster for Ryan Coogler’s film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will it realize the dizzying amounts envisaged for its start-up (some predict more than 150 million dollars)? As for Smile, will the huge horrific surprise cross the symbolic threshold of 100 million dollars? Data to watch carefully in the days to come.