Uta cosplay brings to your screen the protagonist of One Piece Film: RED

with the movie of One Piece Piece Film: RED shaking the cinema screens, little by little tributes to their characters are appearing, as is the case with the following cosplay by Uta made by seeu_cosplay (Twitter) who reflects very well the new character of the series.

But seeu_cosplay not only uses an impeccable representation of Shanks’ daughter, since also uses the original theme of the tape “New Genesis – Ado” to perform different poses of the characterleaving a rather tender impression of Uta.

Uta is a faithful representation that all the characters of one piece They are very peculiar in terms of their characteristics. The most distinctive feature in Uta’s appearance is undoubtedly the two-tone hair that forms a large bun on top of her heada pair of remarkably large yellow headphones, and a pair of wings sprouting from her back, which she often covers with a baggy jacket as colorful as Uta herself.

Photo: seeu_cosplay (Twitter)

Since its premiere, One Piece Film: RED has already set impressive marks within the anime and film industry, so the expectation that it will reach more theaters around the world only increases day by day.

The movie is still missing one piece take its premiere to other countries, and that includes those located in Latin America, especially now that Toei Animation LATAM confirmed the arrival of One Piece Film: RED.

Image: OPFilm_RED (Twitter)

What did you think of this cosplay of Uta, the protagonist of One Piece Film: RED?


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