Vans and One Piece together in a collection for fans of skateboarding and manga

Vans and One Piece come together in a collection that brings together the best of skateboarding, manga and anime.

Vans and One Piece present a collection of cult shoes. A very special collaboration for fans of manga comics and anime movies, in general. And, specifically, for the millions of followers of One Piece.

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Vans shoes for manga fans
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The brand linked to urban sports and the iconic action manga begin a friendship that materializes in a collection that goes beyond sneakers. Aside from classic Vans shoe silhouettesin this special proposal, and very pirate, you will find t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, backpacks, flip flops, hats and symbolic socks from the One Piece manga.

Vans shoes for manga fansSk8-Hi Punk Hazard sneakers. get them here

One Piece is not only transformed into sneakers, but also into a television series for Netflix

The Vans and One Piece collection is inspired by the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirates. In its prints you will find loads of references to the most mythical episodes of the manga and anime that has been published and broadcast on television since the 90s. And by the way, a new installment of the saga has already been announced for Netflix. And it’s not an anime, it’s performed by real flesh and blood actors. A directed series by Marc Jobst, with actor Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy, the king of pirates and Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro. And this makes this collaboration between Vans and One Piece even more special.

Vans shoes for manga fansVans One Piece Jacket. get it here

What can we find in the Vans and One Piece collection?

Without a doubt, the absolute protagonist of the collection in the classic Sk8-Hi Punk Hazard shoe from Vans. This model has a 360º print that surrounds the entire sneaker, traveling from the fire side of the island to the frozen side. Throughout the collection that worships the Straw Hat Pirates, we also see the legendary Vans checkerboard.

Vans shoes for manga fans

Another of the icons of the Vans and One Piece collection is the sneaker Vans Old Skool. This model represents the devil fruits with superhuman powers. Many of the anime protagonists consume them, but they have a contraindication. And it prevents them from swimming. Something that for a pirate, always surrounded by water, is important.
Another model that should be highlighted are the sports Vans Classic Authentic. With a more nautical style, this shoe stands out for its embroidery with motifs representative of One Piece and the Straw Hat pirates.

Vans shoes for manga fansOld Skool Skate Shoes with Nico Robin. get them here

Traditional motifs from the series, such as the straw hat version of the Jolly Roger pirate flag, appear on multiple garments and sneakers in the collection. And in the Vans Skate Classics sneakers we see, for example, the recognizable Wanted posters. One of Nami, the thief navigator Cart Burglar, in orange version on the sneakers Skateboard Sk8-Hi. And another of Nico Robin, the pirate archaeologist Demon Child, in a purple version on the shoes old skool skate.

Vans shoes for manga fans
Sk8-Hi Skate Shoes with Nami. get them here

There are also One Piece inspired t-shirts and hoodies

Vans has signed the Japanese artist Cookie to interpret the codes of the Vans and One Piece collection, under the Off The Wall concept of the American brand. We see them in a special edition of sneakers, the Vans Authentic 44 DX One Piece Cookie with the protagonist of the manga, Chopper, with a pink check print. And also in sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Vans shoes for manga fans

Hoodies from One Piece and Vans. get them here

When does the Vans and One Piece collection go on sale?

The collection arrives at Vans stores on November 11. Nothing left. You can get more info on the brand’s networks like Instagram.

Vans shoes for manga fans

Vans shoes for manga fansFlip flops from the collaboration between the American sports brand and the Japanese manga Vans shoes for manga fansOne Piece T-shirts by Vans. get them hereVans shoes for manga fans Vans shoes for manga fans Vans shoes for manga fans

Vans shoes for manga fans

Vans shoes for manga fans

Vans shoes for manga fans

Pieces from the Vans x One Piece collection performed by Japanese artist CookieVans shoes for manga fans Vans shoes for manga fans Vans shoes for manga fans